i don't know how but i slept well past 10:30am this morning, and didn't get out of bed until almost 11am. i didn't have much time, used the bathroom, took a shower, by that point i was set to leave to hear a harvard panel discussion at 12pm about the coronavirus.

these noontime lectures/discussions are the worst, my empty stomach grumbled a few times in hunger. i brought a few pieces of dove chocolate but those only lasted me for a brief period before my stomach started complaining again. afterwards the boy in front of my shot up his hand to ask a answer; even when he wasn't called, he still help up his hand. when they finally did call him, he was a real wumao, asked the panels if they thought the US could do any better than china in containing the virus. barry bloom gave a great response, took a long time to answer, and by the end i could feel the wumao starting to loose his patience. bloom basically said under the obama administration there was a pandemic response team that trump promptly dismantled once he took office.

by the time i got home it was well past 2pm. i made myself an egg bagel sandwich with pesto on one side and sriracha on the other. it was pretty pretty good, two strong flavors combining to form a complex fusion. i also had a plate of salad with parmesan cheese dressing.

in the late afternoon i took a walk to the dollar store to see if they had any hand sanitizers. i figured they were all sold out, but they still had a bunch on the shelves. most of the small travel-sized bottles were gone, but there were plenty of larger sized pump dispensers. i grabbed two boxes of the lavender-scented sanitizers. i normally don't use them, but i figured it wouldn't hurt to pack a small bottle in my everyday carry bag.

going to the dollar store was also an excuse for me to play a bit of pokemon. there were so many critters, i didn't have time to catch them all. instead i was hitting the poke stops to stock up on my poke balls. coming back i stopped by star market to grab some clementine oranges and barilla pasta, both on sale.

even though today was cloudy, we still managed to set a brand new production record for 2020 with 42.32kWh. even though there were dips, there was probably more overproduction that didn't necessarily reflect on the graph. we just need a bit over 32kWh tomorrow to put us at an all time record for fall-winter. tomorrow's partly cloudy forecast might be hit or close, it'll be close. of course we still fall behind last february's production, as that month only had 28 days, while this being a leap year we have 29 days.

since kevin came home at 2:45pm yesterday, i was almost expecting him to be back by 2pm, especially since he promised to get money from the bank to pay his rent. so i was surprised when he didn't come home until 7pm. i found out it was because he and some coworkers went out to dinner at changsho. he also - as promised - finally paid his rent (2 days late). i told him about the coronavirus panel discussion i went to earlier today.

even though he already had dinner, kevin still cooked, making his lunch and dinner for tomorrow. i still don't understand his system of eating leftovers and then spending the evening making his leftovers for tomorrow. anyway, while for him to finish, i didn't start my own dinner preparations until 9pm. while roasting some more asparagus in the toaster oven, i ate another bowl of parmesan cheese dressing salad. i then reheated some pasta meat sauce and boiled a cup of cellentani.