i biked to belmont around noontime, on a clear sunny day where the temperature was in the mid-50's. my father was walking around the house, still slow, but not the level of pain he was experiencing yesterday. he thought maybe it was sciatica, but we looked it up and his symptoms weren't severe enough to be that. my mother made me japanese noodles with leftovers from last night. i ate while intermittently watching myriad of critters coming to eat at the feeders: mockingbird, juncos, downy woodpecker, house sparrow, white-throated sparrows, bluejay, cardinal, mourning doves, squirrel. i've yet to see a nuthatch this winter though, we used to have them in the past.

i had grand designs to prune the backyard maple tree (especially on such a nice day) and do another BTi soil drench on our indoor houseplants, but i ended up not doing any of those things. i did bring my google quick charger, tested it on my father's phone which managed to get 1.5A of charging, compared to the 1.8A with his motorola turbocharger. i discovered whether a phone can quick charge isn't so much dependent on the cable or adapter, but rather just the charger itself. even an old microUSB cable with a micro-to-USB-C adapter charged better than the factory motorola cable (it had something to do with wire gauge diameter).

while i surfed the web and snacked on various sweets and chips, my mother knitted and watched her netflix shows, while my father rested in the bedroom and later took a nap. that was the extent of this sunday. my sister also came home briefly with hailey.

in the evening we did some night barbecuing. two slabs of ribs, first left to soak in a brine, before slathered with korean barbecue sauce 2 hours before grilling. by then the temperature had dipped into the 40's, a little chilly, but still warm by february standard. the sweet barbecue sauce did burn a little help, no help from the grease fire that suddenly flared up at the midway point, forcing my father to temporarily turn of the gas for fear of explosion. it was partly drippings from the ribs, but also leftover grease from our last barbecue, who knows when. after the grease had burned itself out, we put the ribs back on the grill for some slow cooking, applying some barbecue sauce back on the ribs. in all it was 12 minutes each side on grilling before another 20 or so minutes on slow barbecuing before the ribs were ready.

surprised we didn't hit 40kWh today, but 38.98kWh is a decent amount of production. i thought the sky was clear enough, but maybe the warmer temperature affected the solar panel efficiency.

i wasn't expecting much, but the brined ribs with korean barbecue sauce were actually pretty good. the sauce is very sweet, so even the blackened portions tasted delicious. even better: a dab of blue ribbon sweet barbecue sauce with eat bite. just ribs alone was enough for dinner, but my mother also added rice with some cabbage stirfry. when i finally rode home and weighed myself, i was up 4 lbs. more than my average.

there was fresh pee on the bathroom floor area when i went to bed last night. not immediately around the toilet, but in the corner, underneath the toilet paper stand. when i picked it up the bottom was soaked in piss. this, after i had to clean the bathroom twice - once in the morning, once at night - after finding more urine. so i decided to take the pedestal away, just leave a roll of toilet paper on the windowsill. when kevin saw it this morning, he put back the pedestal and install a fresh roll, not realizing one was already out. i figured he finally got the message.

that's why i was cursing when i came back home to use the bathroom tonight and found more urine on the floor, right underneath the toilet paper stand. i believe this is the 5th time i've had to clean urine off of the bathroom floor since thursday, what is wrong with this guy? so instead of leaving the stand in the bathroom, i simply took it out. from here all out, the area immediately toilet the toilet will be clear. if there's pee on the floor, it won't be pooling underneath the waste basket, or the toilet paper stand, or anything else. this is the new normal: roommates who aren't house trained.

kevin wasn't home so i took the opportunity to use the bathroom and take a shower. he came back while i was still cleaning, judging from the sounds it looked like he went on a grocery run. seriously, he goes at least 3 times a week. what will happen to his grocery runs when he ends up moving a mile away from the nearest supermarket? i said nothing about the pee situation, though the toilet paper stand was in the kitchen, he must've seen it.

later in the evening i contacted WWY, asking her for help in trying to migrate my QQ account when i no longer have the original number. she sent me a webpage with step-by-step instructions on how to transfer a QQ account when you can no longer receive text messages.

i was going to wait until tomorrow to check out the link, but i decided to glance over it anyway. though it's written in chinese, i could follow the screenshots, and i could see it wasn't going to help me out in my case because it went to the same verification page that asks for your chinese citizen id number, which i don't have. but the article did point me in the right direction, and using google translation, i managed to find something called "device lock" (设备锁). it was turned on, so i turned it off. and wouldn't you know it, just like that, i was able to log into my QQ account from my google pixel phone now, no security question answered.

only thing now though is i have a security risk because my QQ account is no longer device locked. when i tried to lock it back up it showed me my old china phone number; i decided to forgo locking up the account for the time being, no to accidentally lock up my account when everything seems to be working. this means however i can now fully migrate over to the pixel phone, and can erase the oneplus one phone and hand it down to my mother as a play device to replace her xiaomi redmi note 3.