i heard kevin in the kitchen around 8:30am, about the same time the scheduled heat started to kick in. would he be going to the office like he did yesterday? he was gone when i finally got out of bed around 9:30am, but according to the router client list, only his phone was missing, his computer was still at home. regardless, i took the opportunity to use the bathroom, but just like every other time, my moment of peace was disturbed when i heard him returning home. most likely he went to the supermarket again, that's his favorite place, he goes at least a few times a week. i quickly finished up, took a shower, and vacated the bathroom.

i left by around 11am, told kevin i wouldn't be back until later in the evening. when i arrived in belmont, i saw that kevin had left for work. i was going to turn down the heat but noticed it was already on the low setting, the nest thermostat probably did it on its own when it sensed nobody was home.

i applied the screen protector on my father's moto G7. that's when i noticed it wasn't the right size, slightly smaller along the left and right edges so that the screen pokes out from the glass protector by a few millimeters. i ended up ordering better (bigger) screen protectors off of amazon, figured if those weren't the right size i could simply return them (the ones that i'd gotten were from ebay, harder to return).

i screened some academy nominated movies for my mother, in anticipation for the oscars later tonight: parasite, 1917, ford vs. ferrari.

i went to the grow room and did another Bti soil drench. i'd been soaking some mosquito bits in two buckets since monday, they were starting to stink from being covered up, the water cloudy with bacteria. i also changed out a few yellow sticky traps that had accumulated a lot of dead fungus gnats.

kevin was trying to ping me on wechat while i was having dinner. it's never good news when he contacts me, i braced myself for disaster before i answered the phone. apparently he ran the electric kettle and the microwave at the same time again (how many times have i warned him about this?) and the electricity in the kitchen kicked off. i told him i was coming home soon, he said no hurries.

i returned home after dinner, so i'd have time to shower and watch the academy awards afterwards. i made a beeline to the basement first, to reset the breaker. even though kevin told me not to hurry, there was a bowl of cold vegetables waiting to be heated inside the microwave. i'm not so sure he learned his lesson, since he obviously didn't learn it all the other times i warned him about the kitchen breaker. let's see how long this will last before he pops the breaker again.

as for the oscars, big surprise was parasite winning best screenplay, best foreign picture, best director, and best picture. i've seen parasite and i don't know what all the hype is about. it's an interesting film, but it's not 1917, which i was sure would win.

it was my sister who asked me why our phone bill for february was so high, after i made the switch to the unlimited plan a week and a half ago. under the new plan we should only be paying $175/month, but this month's bill was $264. it took me a while to find the breakdown and for some reason they added $20 per person per line, and started our unlimited service from january 7th when it should've been the 29th. i'm going to have to call them up tomorrow and contest the bill, one of the great pleasures of modern life.