i left kevin at home while i went to my parents' place via bike. i had some sauerkraut soup and croissant for lunch. my mother spent the day catching up on her backlog of netflix shows she missed while she was away in taiwan. i reformatted my father's external memory card as internal memory because his phone has been acting weird; at first i thought maybe it was malware or a virus, but i did a scan and it found nothing. if it doesn't work, we'll need to wipe the phone and reinstall everything.

my father and i went to binbin's place in burlington to pick up her mail and check her house. i replaced the dead batteries in the electronic door lock. the basement was the coldest, most likely 55°F (what we set the thermostat to), while the upper floors were the warmest. we discovered that the pilot light on their gas fireplace was still on and keeping the house slightly warm; we didn't know how to turn it off so left it alone. as we were about to leave, we bumped into frances, their neighbor's girlfriend. she told us the car parked in binbin's driveway wasn't actually theirs but rather a neighbor who noticed binbin hasn't been home so was secretly using it as a spare parking spot. the woman was in the car when we came out of the house, but left minutes later before we got a chance to confront her about it. afterwards we went to the waltham costco (via 95) to grab some vitamins my parents forgot to pick up when they went to the everett costco yesterday.

back at the house, my father and i did another soil drench (3rd) on our grow room plants. i ended up replacing all the yellow sticky traps. checking the news, i was shocked to discover kobe bryant1 had died in a helicopter crash. i made meatball subs for dinner. even though my mother said she was hungry, she barely ate half. we also tried the hot honey. i don't really like it, tastes like chili pepper oil syrup, i didn't notice any honey taste. my mother decided to go to bed early, while i played ford vs. ferrari for my father on the living room tv. i left midway around 8pm and biked home.

my bike light gave out midride. this happens frequently enough that i should buy another light that can give me some warning before the battery goes dead. fortunately i had a headlamp in my backpack (just for this time of emergency) so i didn't have to ride the rest of the way in the dark.

we managed to hit 30kWh+ today, but the graph never went above 6kW even though the sky was a deep clear blue. with just 5 days left this month, we're already guaranteed to have the highest january production of all times. now it's a question of can we surpass the production record for a few other months (october-november-december).

1 i've never been a fan of kobe bryant. i've found him too cocky, i prefer sports heroes who are more humble. i don't deny his talents, but of that generation, michael jordan still ranks above all of them with 6 rings. i hated kobe bryant even more when he was arrested for raping a 19-year old hotel staff. in a trashy news conference flanked by his wife who was sporting a new multi-caret diamond ring (the payoff jewelry), bryant didn't deny he had an extra-marital affair but said it was consensual. the accuser later recanted, but sued in civil court which was later settled for an undisclosed sum (rumor says it was probably $2.5 million). but for me, whenever i see kobe bryant, i don't see the superstar basketball player, i just see an entitled rapist.