so much for morning routines: kevin didn't leave for work until 11:40am today, so what was the point of creating a heating schedule when he doesn't even follow it? at this point i give up, i'm going to turn up the heat at 8:30am, and turn it back off by 9:30am, just so that when i wake up the house is warm. i don't care about what kevin does, if he wakes up to a cold house let him complain to me.

the house managers presented the impeachment articles to the senate today. it was all very solemn, senators like to think of themselves as somehow better than the house, more civilized, more refined, but both sides are garbage. thankfully it didn't take too long, and there was still enough time left for my noontime news broadcast to show me the weather forecast: cold tomorrow, some snow then rain saturday night. what i really want to know is when the rain will stop on sunday night, so i can start my shoveling circuit: my place, the cafe, and then the solar panels at my parents' place.

i decided to jazz up my english muffin lunch with a layer of pesto: a ham and egg parmesan cheese english muffin sandwich with a spread of pesto. the pesto had a nice savory sweet flavor, i think i've found my new everything spread. afterwards i had some orange slices.

i went to market basket in the late afternoon for some groceries. it's the third time in 4 days that i've visited MB. i got some ingredients for next week's lunch and dinner, decided to try my hands at making some meatball subs. there was a sale on ready made frozen meatballs so i'm kind of cheating but anything that can speed up dinner prep is a good thing.

kevin came home by 7pm. i can tell from the amount of chopping sounds i hear from the kitchen whether he's making a big dinner or a small dinner. today there was just a little chopping. when i finally went to the kitchen to heat up a brick of lasagna, i found the kitchen countertop to be unusually clean and there was only a few dirty dishes in the sink. turns out he was heating up another frozen pizza in the oven. the chopping noises were some broccoli and other vegetables he cut up to put on his pizza. unfortunately he didn't add them to the pizza in the oven, and only realized his mistake when he was decorating his pie with cold vegetable slices. he offered me a piece (without cold vegetables), it was good.

i finally hooked up the flir infrared camera we borrowed from matthew. for whatever reason the connection is very sensitive and would break from the slightest jostle, maybe also because i'm using a usb-c to usb-micro adapter; took me several tries to get it work, and even then it'd lose the connection after a few seconds. it's already been a few weeks, i think the reason it took me this long to use the camera was because i was afraid of what i'd find. but there was no surprises, places where it saw as cold were places i already knew: around the windows, baseboards, back door. i guess the cold baseboards surprised me the most, but there's nothing i can do without tearing up the walls to put additional insulation. what i have now is good enough, definitely better than what i had before, as witnessed in my winter gas bill savings.