i heard the sound of the microwave at 9am. that could only mean kevin was still home, that he didn't wake up at 7am and leave for work by 8am. hoping he'd leave soon, i checked the router from bed close to 10am and saw he was still here. i finally came out of my room, finding kevin in the kitchen with all the lights turned on (even though it was a bright shiny day) eating. he said something about waking up late, not sure if it was to me or to him, but i didn't respond, turned off some kitchen lights then went into the living room to open the blinds. it was cold in the house, because the heating schedule is set for heat at 7am before turning off again at 8am when kevin leaves.

he finally left close to 10:30am. he threw out his deli chicken but kept the ham. i told him to make sandwiches out of the deli meats to use it up quickly, but i don't think he took my advice, or just doesn't have a habit of eating sandwiches. after he left i picked the chicken out of the trash and threw it out separately, otherwise it would rot and leave the kitchen in a stinking mess.

when i went to go wash a few dishes in the sink, i noticed the under cabinet light wasn't working. i then spent the next 10 minutes taking the light apart, checking the voltage, and running down to the basement a few times to make sure the breaker didn't trip. it wasn't the bulbs, there were two, both LED replacements, and both of them were off. it wasn't the breakers either, everything in the house had electricity. the weirdest thing was there was no voltage in the wires coming out of the wall. how could that be? it made me think that maybe the problem had something to do inside the walls, and to fix it i needed to cut holes, which would be a new headache.

i didn't blame kevin even though he must've realized something was wrong when the light wouldn't turn on but he didn't say anything, perhaps afraid it might've been his fault and didn't want to take responsibility for it. just like he didn't say anything when he peed all over the bathroom floor (which i can still smell by the way) until i called him out on it. i wonder if his parents spoiled him as a child, because i've noticed he has an inconsiderate streak. unwilling to adapt, unthinking and careless in his actions, used to getting his way, always thinks he knows better. everything from taking up most of the space in the foyer shoe tray, taking over the bathroom countertop, not turning off the lights, leaving the door unlocked, not paying the rent on time, buying a dresser, throwing out trash in somebody's pile, adjusting the shower head, floss specks on the bathroom mirror and wall, and peeing on the floor. i'm going to be pretty happy when i'm finally rid of him. he's not the worst roommate, and other than the pee thing, he hasn't done anything egregious, but a lot of little things added together can make a roommate become a bad roommate.

anyway, at that point there was nothing i could do about the sink light not working. as a final resort though, i checked the GFCI outlet; even though the fan that was plugged into it stil worked, maybe it malfunctioned, affected the wirings in the wall. i pressed the reset button and saw the light switch next to it. that was the problem: kevin must've hit the light switch accidentally because it's hidden behind the drying rack. that would explain why there was no voltage in the wires. when i flipped it on the under cabinet light worked again.

today was a cold day with temperature at 25°F. without turning up the heat, i could feel the chill in my extremities and on the tip of my nose. i decided to warm up the house slightly by turning up the heat to 73°F. i also used the oven to heat up a pan of hazelnuts, which helped warm up the house.

in the late afternoon i went to my sister's place to dogsit after hailey visited the vet today. my sister had to babysit for a few hours, so her dog would be home all alone. i didn't have to do much, hailey was asleep most of that time. i let her outside at 6pm to use the bathroom and then fed her along with a dosage of canine pain reliever for her limpy back leg. while i was there, i also backed up my sister's computer (hadn't been backed up since october) and cleaned the thick layer of dog hair off of the sofa. i left by 6:30pm.

today was the first time this year we achieved a perfect production graph, and the first time since november that we broke the 30kWh mark. from the graphs of several days i could see some interesting patterns. sunrise seems to be later and later, while sunset stayed the same for a bit before now becoming later as well. it speaks to the weirdness of our annual day/night cycle. as we approach the winter, sunrise gets later while sunset comes earlier, as the overall amount of daylight shrinks. but around december 14th something strange happens: sunrise continues to arrive later, but sunset begins to go in the opposite direction, becoming later as well. beginning on january 9th, that's when sunrise begins to arrive earlier while sunset comes later; from here on out the day length will continue to grow in both directions.

kevin came home at 7pm and immediately started making dinner. he came into the living room asking for something, and said he sliced his finger open while opening a can. he was asking for bandages but i took a look at the wound and it was just a pin prick. i offered him some bandaids.

i couldn't stand to eat another night of salad, had to have something warm. so i fished out a frozen container of beef barley stew from the freezer and warmed that up for dinner. it was okay, similar to what i'd eat from a can, but with more chunks of beef and potatoes and soaked barley that now resembled oatmeal.

while washing the dishes (i have no idea why ever time he cooks he ends up using so many dishes) he asked if he could use the dish washer. that annoyed me because he's never used a dish washer before but now somehow too lazy to do the dishes and wants someone (or something) else to do it for him. i asked him if he knew how it works, he said wasn't it one of those daily timer things that simply does the dishes everyday. i told him the last time i used the dish washer was probably a decade ago, and it take as long as 1-1/2 hours to wash the dishes. i added if he didn't like doing dishes he should use so many to begin with. it reminds me of my former spanish roommate ana who always cooked up a mess in the kitchen and used the dish washer enough times that she used all my detergent and had to buy more.

kevin hung out in the living room for most of the night for some reason. he asked me where he could buy a large map of the US, i told him on amazon. he said back at home he had a huge map of china that he'd hang on his wall. then he was looking at dumb bells and flash drives. i taught him how to use fakespot.com and camelcamelcamel.com to identity real reviews and price comparison.

kevin ended the evening by doing a load of laundry. the machine was making a weird sound, i opened it up to check what was going on. i think he was running a medium load when it should've just been a small load, so there was more sloshing than usual. i noticed he was washing his sweater, warned how about shrinkage, he said he washed it before and it was okay. later he put his clothes in the dryer but didn't take them out until midnight, when he ran the dryer for another 20 minutes because his clothes were still wet. you're an asshole if you run the dryer after midnight because it's so noisy. he should've simply left his clothes out which would dry naturally by morning.