i was hoping kevin would go to work today like he did last weekend, but no such luck when i checked the clients list on my router and saw both his laptop and phone were still connected to the wifi. it was a little weird spending sunday at home, normally i'd be at my parents' place. i did even think about going, but the temperature was too cold.

there was a big water spill by the side of the toilet this morning. was it water? was it urine? i couldn't tell. but i had to clean it up with paper towels and some bleach. i was going confront kevin about it but decided not to waste my time, since i still had to use the bathroom. speaking of which, i had to go to pee in the middle of the night but was too lazy to get out of bed and thought i could hold it. that i kept dreaming about urinating was no coincidence. in one particularly memorable dream, my pee was coming out so concentrated it was like opaque yellow mustard. i finally got up to use the bathroom before i had a real accident.

i ate a bowl of cereal & yogurt & blueberry for lunch. kevin made a brown rice dish in the microwave, i didn't think it was possible, but he did it (saw a recipe online), though he said the rice was still a bit undercooked. so far each time he's cooked has been low impact, so he gets points for that.

i left the house just once, to go to star market to get some sugar bee apples then the dollar to pick up assortment of things: AA batteries, indoor planter dishes, post-it notes, magnetic fridge clips. there was an asian family there whom i originally thought were chinese until i heard them speak and realized they were japanese. it's rare these days to come across japanese people, i almost spoke japanese to them.

in the afternoon i watched some football. the early afternoon game was between the vikings and saints, i was rooting for the saints, another old veteran quarterback in drew brees (40) looking to get back to the superbowl. new orleans was the favorite and they were playing at home, but minnesota ended up winning after the saints put up a valiant effort to force the game into overtime. the mid-afternoon game was between the seahawks and eagles. philadelphia had no reason to be in this game, the NFC east was garbage and it almost became a situation where the division winner could still get into the playoffs with a losing record (eagles were 9-7). anyway, seattle won, but the game was still close, 17-9. so now there are only young quarterbacks left in the playoffs, all 20's and 30's. the oldest QB is aaron rodgers at 36 (just turned on 12/2). i guess you root for greenbay is you want to see age triumph over youth. i'm rooting for tennessee, since there'd be no shame in losing to the eventual SB winner. i also like the seahawks, russell wilson is always entertaining, the original scrambling QB. i don't know how i feel about the 49ers though. i kind of want to root for them because of jimmy g, but it'd be like twisting in the knife in patriots fan to see our former backup QB win with another team, so i guess i'm looking for them to lose. i will not root for the ravens or chiefs however, i will actively root against them.

kevin came out in the living room in the early evening to chat. i thought he was sleeping because he was in his room with the light off but he said he was awake. a package arrived, i thought it was mine, tore it open before realizing it was something kevin bought online, a metal adjustment laptop stand. i learn something about kevin today: he got lasik surgery back in 2017, that why he doesn't wear glasses. it's rare for an astrophysicist to not be near-sighted. but it goes to show that he's unusually self-conscious about his appearance, makes me curious. i also learned he got his driver license back in nanjing, in 2016, paid RMB5000 for a course that took him half a year to complete in piecemeal. later my 2TB hard drive arrived.

for dinner i ate the final leftover of my spaghetti meat sauce. i timed it so i was in front of the tv right during the start of the golden globes award. 1917 won for best picture, as it rightly should. i'm not sure how awkwafina snagged a win for best actress in a musical/comedy, as there's no way will she even get nominated for the academy. i was surprised taron egerton won't for the elton jon biopic, though i'm happy for him, hopefully he'll get some better movie deals in the future. brad pitt beating out hanks, hopkins, pesci, and pacino in best supporting actor category? that was a real surprise, i can't imagine it'd be repeated come oscar time, but maybe pacino and pesci cancelled each other out since they're in the same movie. missing link won for best animation? beating out frozen ii, toy story 4, and the lion king? maybe there was a disney backlash. chernobyl rightly won best limited series. jared harris should've won best actor in a limited series, not sure how russell crowe stole that award, but hopefully harris will be vindicated come emmys.

kevin went to bed around 10pm. i noticed he hasn't taken a shower since friday morning, though thankfully this weekend he didn't try doing his laundry again, although he did run the dryer yesterday to dry some damp clothes.

i went to bed around 2am and found a disgusting mess in the bathroom. not only was there urine drips in front of the toilet, but there was urine all around the toilet, as if kevin went to pee with his eyes closed. this time there was no doubt it's urine. on my hands and knees i had to move everything away first - the toiler paper stand, the trash bin - before i could clean. the smell of urine was everywhere. how could he have not seen this? after i finished cleaning up, put down some paper towels around the toilet as a preventive measure. looks like he and i need to have another talk. i've never had a roommate who was this inept at using the toilet.