it'd been 3 days since my parents left for taiwan, so i decided to go to belmont to check up on the house. security wise i wasn't concerned, since i have 4 different web cams set up, the most amount of surveillance ever at the house. i'm glad i did, because there was a dead mouse in the electronic trap. it didn't flash like it was supposed to when its trapped something, but i had a suspicion that maybe something was awry so i picked up the trap and looked inside and saw the dead mouse. i ended up burying the mouse in the backyard.

i'm kind of suspicious of the water meter because on the day my parents left, there was some high usage. it could've been natural, but i wanted to make sure there wasn't any leaks in the house, so i found the water meter and checked to see if it was moving. it was still, but i'm going to keep an eye on it. with nobody in the house, the daily water usage should be 0 ft3.

as it wasn't too cold, i took the pepper plants outside to spray them with insecticidal soap. what amazes me about the thai chili pepper plant is it continues to produce hot peppers even during the winter.

the new yellow sticky traps i'd placed on tuesday had a bunch of fungus gnats on them. not as much as before, but still a good amount. this is a good sign that by placing more traps, i've managed to put a dent in the gnat population. i don't doubt they'll spring right back, but i'm letting the soil dry which will help keep them in check.

afterwards i went to my sister's place to swap out her wyze pan cam with a simpler stationary wyze cam. normally it points to her backyard, but the pan cam is a waste since it never moves. i'll use the pan cam for something else, or maybe add a 5th camera to my parents' place. it was supposed to be an easy install but i upgraded her router while i was there and had to wait for it to finish before swapping out the camera.

kevin came home by 8pm. i had some spaghetti meat sauce with shell pasta for dinner.

i'm still searching for the right icon pack for my android phone. PIXXO UI looks good when i remove the custom icons and turn off autogenerate missing icons. i came across circulus UI, which is the closet match to my old icon pack, so much so i wonder if it wasn't be the same designer, just updated for the latest system; i don't like the maps and nove launcher settings icons, it reminds me a lot of rondo icon pack - white silhouette on colored backgrounds - except a few of its icons does use colors (google photos and chrome); this pack works best with autogen turned off, since there's no control of what colors it uses to generate missing icons. dives icon pack is a simple colorful set with drop shadows, but i don't like some of the choices like for the wechat or qq icons.

in the end, i'm not 100% happy with any icon packs. i get the look that i want, i may have to mix and match icons from different packs.