i biked down to the allston trader joe's to look for giant peruvian inca corn but they didn't seem to have any in stock. instead i bought a few other snacks and went to the cafe. going out also gave me a chance to play around with the mi band. i've been trying to get cycling tracking to work, but i can't quite figure it out. originally i initiated tracking on both the wrist band and the phone; that worked well, very accurate tracking, but i ended up having two sets of tracking data in my phone, which also messed up the total distance because it doubled it. then i tried it with just the wrist band activated but still synced to the phone app; that worked terribly, hardly any gps data. so today i tried something different: start a cycle workout from the phone only. when i did that, i felt the wrist band activating. so i continued with that the rest of the day, pausing the workout whenever i made a stop somewhere (like trader joe's). that seemed to be the preferred method, because i only got one set of data with high accuracy GPS.

my parents still haven't found binbin's checks yet (to pay for her bills), somehow seemingly lost all the documents she gave them before they left. so they asked me to go back to belmont and search for them.

i didn't find anything. either my mother brought it to binbin's place and forgot she left them there (my theory) or she tossed it in the trash. thing is, we saw the documents just this past saturday, before we went to binbin's place. so there's only so many places it could be.

i finally returned home. my sister got me a soft pretzel which i ate while watching some television. later in the afternoon i followed the UK general election on sky news streaming from pluto tv. exit poll showed boris johnson's conservative party with an overwhelming number of seats. of course in the US, not too many people care about the UK elections.

i ordered an eton elite executive shortwave radio last wednesday from amazon that was supposed to have arrived by yesterday but from the tracking i already knew it was running late. so i wasn't surprised when last night amazon contacted me and said my package would be arriving but delayed, maybe coming today or tomorrow. when i checked the tracking status today, there wasn't even anything anymore. according to the website, the item won't be in stock until the 21st.

another ebay led candelabra bulb arrived today. this one has two led filaments for a combined wattage of 2W. placed in my paper lantern lamp, it was still plenty bright, but not unpleasantly so. this is the best led candelabra bulb i've bought so far, and about the same size of the incandescent bulb.

for dinner i heated up a brick of stouffer's lasagna. i ate while watching the 76ers-celtics game. it was close, but boston ended up losing to philly. i bought some envy apples from trader joe's. they're plenty sweet, have a crispy white flesh, and have an unidentifiable fragrance to them, but i still prefer the sugar bee apples i had last week.