with temperature in the 60's, today was the perfect day to winterize my motorcycle for the season. that involves filling the tank, adding fuel stabilizer, then giving it a wash before putting it away in the garage. i biked down to belmont to get my motorcycle. initially i was just going to fill the tank at the nearby mobil gas station across from the town library, but i forgot something back at my house and since the weather was so nice today, i couldn't resist not riding the motorcycle one last time to end the season. i went home, got my stuff, went to the mass ave speedway to fuel up and add the fuel stabilizer, before stopping by the cafe.

my mother heard a rumor that my next roommate hasn't even secured his visa yet. i asked her about the squirrel buster in the backyard, if she'd seen any bird activities yet. she said cardinals were too big to feed from the feeder, which made me worried that i'd need to adjust the tension spring.

i finally returned to belmont. despite what my mother said, i looked outside and saw a male cardinal at the feeder taking a piece of cracked corn without problems so i know the feeder was working. i also saw several juncos underneath feeding on the dropped seeds.

i washed the motorcycle in the driveway, first soaping it up with some sudsy hot water, rinsing everything off with the hose, finally drying with some used rags. i still need to jack up the bike and oil the chains, but that's something i can do at a later date. i put the bike away in the garage and bicycled home.

i tried using the bicycling syncing feature of the mi band 4. i couldn't really find any good instructions online, so i initiated cycle tracking by activating both the mi band and phone app, which worked great, very accurate tracking, but i ended up with two sets of the same data. next time i around i'll try it with just the mi band activated. it collected some interesting data, like where on my route i was traveling either slow or fast, my heart beat for the entire duration of the ride, and speed over time.

i also changed the watch face of the fitness tracker using a mi band 4 watch face customization app. there are so many different styles, i almost want to try them all. another cool thing that happened tonight was the mi band 4 sent me a special weather reporting because of the snowstorm we're due to receive tomorrow.

i tried showering with the mi band 4, because i didn't want to have any gaps in my heart beat tracking data, but also because i wanted to test out the waterproof feature. i haven't showered with a watch in a long time, not since the days of digital casios and timexes. it's kind of as weird feeling, like soaking a cell phone wet, it feels wrong. the mi band 4 was fine, although the water did trick the fitness tracker into thinking it was being touched so the screen kept turning on.

finally, i recharged the mi band 4. i didn't need to, i still had 66% worth of battery, but i wanted to try out the charger, which is different than the mi band 2. v2 using a proprietary cable, while v4 uses a proprietary cradle that fits the entire mi band. i don't believe the two are interchangeable, because the mi band 4 is slightly bigger.

december's production has been crap. in the past 10 days, 7 of those days we've only made single digit production. granted, we did experience a 3-day rain/snowstorm, but let's just say we've seen more clouds than sun. here hoping the rest of the month will be sunnier.