with pansusu arriving tomorrow afternoon, today tuesday was essentially the last day to clean up my parents' house (normally we'd still have wednesday to clean). thankfully it was a warm day; not just warm, but spring-like with temperature in the 60's. after waking up and refrigerating the flan i'd left on the kitchen countertop to cool overnight, i rode the motorcycle to belmont around 11am.

my primary job at my parents' place was to vacuum the rest of the house. it shouldn't have taken that long but i did a load of laundry my mother had left and then went outside to sun some blankets. that's when i smelled dog poop and realized i'd stepped in some. i couldn't find where it was on the lawn (to clean it up) but to make matters worse, i discovered i actually walked into the house with it and tracked it all over the backyard steps as well as a piece of carpet in the sun room. i spent the next hour cleaning up, scrubbing the dog poop off of the steps and washing the carpet outside (with some dawn detergent). i also tracked down where it was on the lawn (close to the shepherd's pole) and put a bunch of tomato cages around it to keep others from stepping in it.

i also collected a container of backyard firewood, since they would get wet again from the rain forecasted for tomorrow. some of the logs were too long and i cut them to size with a circular saw. i tried splitting some larger logs with a short axe, but it wasn't a splitting axe and the short handle didn't have the momentum to create enough force anyway.

i was finally done by 1:30pm. i came back inside and finished all the leftover buffalo chicken tenders from yesterday while watching NFL live on ESPN.

i was going to return home, but stuck around so i could bring in the sunning blankets outside once the sun went out. i also put the laundry in the dryer but had to run it twice because it was mostly bedsheets which took longer to dry.

my sister showed up in the late afternoon to do some cleaning as well. she ended up sticking around until my parents came home in the early evening.

we installed the frosted LED bulb i got yesterday into one of the salt lamps. it worked much better than the last LED bulb, and seemed brighter (at 3W) compared to the LED light strips in the other salt lamps. it also had a more orange hue compared to the light strips, which was more yellow. now the only bulb left is a corncob style clear style.

after my father and i extended the dining table (to sit a dozen people), we had dinner. i returned home soon afterwards. it was still warm, temperature in the low 50's. i parked in the same spot i had yesterday, apparently it's too small for a normal car to fit in, so it's always empty when i get home.

jeff from belmont sent me e-mail tonight, said united installed solar panels on his house 2 weeks ago. i hadn't heard from him since early august, so i figured he either went with a different installer or decided not to go solar. this means that i helped united with two new customers. that ought to be worth something, right?

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