i took a quick trip to chinatown in the late morning to get some coconut milk. i called my mother to ask her what she wanted, she listed a few things, but said they'd still need to go to chinatown at some point to get some additional thanksgiving ingredients. the high temperature today was even warmer than yesterday - 54°F - though it didn't feel like it with a strong breeze and overcast for much of the day. i was in a race against time as there was a forecast of rain by 1:30pm, followed by a drop in temperature down into the 30's. i wasn't planning on visiting haymarket but i still had some time left. in the end i decided to go back home instead, as the sky began to darken.

i tried to make a greek salad for lunch because i had some leftover feta cheese crumbs but i ended up using an italian dressing instead (in hindsight i could've made my own but i didn't have any red wine vinegar, or not that i know of). i also made a simple turkey cheese sandwich with spicy brown mustard and pepper rings.

what is up with the solar production for november? it's either all (30+) or nothing (single digits), no in-between. the forecast for tomorrow is a sunny day with daytime temperature in the 40's, so a repeat of yesterday. after that, we're back to nothing with a rainy forecast for sunday.

for dinner i had an encore of what i had for lunch: salad and a sandwich. i wouldn't mind having a salad with all my meals. i feel like you can't have enough of a salad. i buy the ready-to-serve packages but i feel like i can just as easily buy the individual ingredients. i want to step up my salad game, also hoping it'll help me lose some weight (or at least keep it from increasing) heading into the winter.

watched the celtics-nuggets game. big news is the head injury of kemba walker, and had to be taken off the court in a stretcher and neck brace. could be a concussion, here's hoping it's nothing more serious than that (though concussions are no laughing matter either). boston ended up losing, but they fought back to within 1-point, and the game was competitive all the way to the final seconds, when denver pulled ahead by a 4-point lead with only a second left in the game.