i wasn't even up this morning and already i was streaming the day's impeachment hearings from bed. i'd planned on going on a grocery run and the forecast said i had until the late afternoon before it'd rain, but by noontime that forecast had changed, as it was already raining. i only went out briefly to bring in the trash cans. otherwise i stayed indoors the entire day, trying to stay warm.

i made a simply ham & cheese sandwich for lunch, but added some honey mustard to give it more flavor. i got hungry again by the afternoon that i had a korean instant cup of noodles.

production has been crap for the past 4 days: we made so little that in 4 days time it only equalled to half the production of a single sunny day.

i've been watching the HBO watchmen series and i think i found an easter egg nobody seems to be talking about yet. in the scene where all the masked seventh kavalry members are in the church, you can spot one particular masked individual who turns out to be the big bad as revealed in episode 5.

for dinner it was another ham & cheese sandwich with honey mustard. i downloaded a copy of once upon a time in hollywood, the latest quentin tarantino film. his movies have gotten weirder and weirder, and i heard some bad things about this one (like besmirching bruce lee's reputation), so it wasn't high on my watchlist, but as a movie lover, you can't turn your back on a tarantino film. so watched i did, and it was actually pretty good. not a masterpiece by any stretch, but i was entertained. peppered with cameos, it featured some nice dialogue and cool acting. all of his signature quirks were there but in moderation: non-linear story structure, feets, and gratuitous graphic violence.

i ended the evening watching the celtics-clippers game. this was a good test for boston to see how they matched up against an elite team featuring kawhi leonard who left the toronto raptors after having just won the NBA championship and MVP. the game had the making of a classic, two heavyweights going at it. celtics seemed to firmly in control with just minutes to go in the game, but los angeles came right back to take the lead, and it looked like they might win but boston sent it into overtime. some questionable no-calls on the referees allowed the clippers to get a lead that the celtics weren't able to match. nevertheless, the game ended with kemba taking a final 3-point shot that had it gone in would've sent the game into a 2nd overtime. mercifully, the game finally ended after nearly 3 hours. celtics lost but showed the world that even with one of our star players missing due to injury (broken hand gordon hayward), they almost beat the clippers, and it took all that los angeles had to gain the win. can't wait for the rematch, february 13th.