i went to bed relatively early last night, 1am, when i typically don't go to bed until 2-3am. just trying to get more sleep, i find myself nodding off pretty easily these days. i didn't wake up until 10:30am, when my mother called me. she said my father could give me a ride since he was going to go down to cambridge city hall to pay some taxes due today. so i quickly got ready, but when i called my mother back 20 minutes later, she said the deadline wasn't today, so i said i could get to belmont on my own. instead of biking i took the bus, as it was supposed to be raining soon. i ran into victor, who chatted me up, and talked me into attending an early sunday morning harvard square guided tour group he was holding at 7am. he even walked with me part of the way before i realized i forgot the knitting counter. so i walked back, got the counter, and continued to harvard square.

as soon as i arrived at the bus stop outside the post office, i bumped into jack crossing the street. i've been running into him fairly frequently recently, he's always coming back while i'm going. two townie druggies were arguing loudly on a bench, the woman incensed that the man wouldn't help her find her pill that she dropped on the floor. they grabbed the 71 bus when it arrived, only to have the bench replaced by another set of townies. i don't know why, but townies always seem to have that raspy voice, like they've killed their vocal cords from years of drinking and smoking.

we all got on the 73 bus, the two townies continuing their inane conversation. apparently one woman had won money before playing scratch tickets, but said cambridge doesn't allow her to win anymore. by the time i got off the bus it'd started to drizzle, but i had my umbrella.

my father had already started another fire in the fireplace. the logs were stacked haphazardly in a pyramid shape that had since fallen apart. we restacked the wood so they were layered, smaller pieces on the bottom, larger pieces on top. a large box of backyard wood lasted us a little bit over two hours. we have piles of it but not knowing anything about fires, we simply left them outside uncovered, fully exposed to the elements. these logs might be fine burning outside, when smoke is not a problem, but burning indoors in a fireplace, they can get smoky. they've been dried for years, but some pieces have already started to decompose, so they burn much quicker than properly treated firewood.

i had some porridge for lunch along with some leftover scallion bread my father had made yesterday. for dinner we had spicy sichuan glass noodles with asparagus and tofu. my mother took out some of the kimchi i made 2 weeks ago: they tasted a little bland and too sweet, but after fermenting in the fridge, they now have a nice sour tang.

my father gave me a ride back to cambridge after dinner.