i went down to the community garden to dig up my rosemary. they can survive a mild winter but in all the times i've been growing rosemaries, i've only seen this once. raise it indoors during the cold months means i don't have to buy another one next season. there was nobody else in the community garden. many other gardeners have put their plot away for the season, but there were also a few plots waiting for clean-up. i'd already tidied up my garden back in october, but i stacked up all my tomato cages and consolidated my grow bags.

back at my house, i put away the garden hoses and raked some oak leaves in the backyard. i also shut off the outdoor faucet water and pulled out all the frost-killed coleuses.

earlier i'd moved my motorcycle and didn't want to lose my parking spot so i rode the bicycle to belmont instead. it actually wasn't that cold, temperature got as high as 50°F, but the sky was overcast. mercury was transiting across the sun this morning, had i been able to see the sun, i wouldn't tried taking some photos with the solar filter.

as soon as i got there i went straight to yard work. my father had started a smoky fire in the firepit. we moved two of the empty black rain barrels to the southern side of the yard because we need that space for ladder clearance when we clear the snow off of the solar panels. we also moved some cinder blocks. we emptied the remaining 3 rain barrels, using the water to wet the compost bins and to water the bamboo grove. we also did some pruning, my father using the anvil pruners to trim back the raspberries, me with a cleaver cutting back the ornamental grass and morning glory vines. we also put away the garden hoses. i dug up the backyard rosemary and put it in the grow room. we finally finished by 3pm.

my mother fixed me up a bowl of leftover rice porridge mixed up with some of my sister's leftover beef stew. my father tried one of my coconut flans, said it was better than the normal flan. my mother tried a bit but wasn't impressed.

for dinner we had the leftover pasta meat sauce i made on saturday, but since we didn't have any italian pasta, my mother used thin chinese noodles instead. these noodles might be good for a soup noodle, but not so much for a meat sauce, where the noodles have a tendency to clump together. we all had a flan afterwards for dessert. this was my second time having a coconut flan, other than the texture, i don't think i could really tell them apart. my mother said my old flan was better (smoother texture) but this thanksgiving we're having coconut flan.

i rode back home just in time for the start of monday night football between the seahawks and the 49ers. as a patriots fan, i didn't know which team to root for. jimmy g was on the 49ers, but seattle had recently acquired josh gordon. as from underdog perspective, i was rooting for seattle to beat undefeated san francisco. the game was crazy, and went into overtime, where it looked like it might end in a tie, but russell "the magician" wilson managed to advance the ball and give his team a chance to win with a field goal kick, which they did. the game finally ended a few minutes after midnight.