i've been waking up later and later due to the lack of sunlight shining into my bedroom and the overall colder temperature. sleeping late is my body's natural adjustment to the coming autumn season. of course it doesn't help that i don't sleep until 3am. so this morning i woke up close to 10am. once again, it was a grey day when i was expecting sun. after some granola and yogurt for lunch, i went to my community garden to water my plants. i haven't been there since the end of august, so 2 weeks ago. not much has changed, but i managed to collect a dozen very red and ripe tomatoes, along with a few japanese eggplants and some hot peppers. i stopped by the cafe to drop them off before continuing to belmont to water the plants.

i was curious about the second lotus aerial leaf. i've seen it on the webcam, it looked to be climbing out of the water, but when i saw it for myself, it was definitely leaning. i decided to help it by propping it up on some underground stems, but it may very well fall back in the water, it's not a true aerial leaf, just another very large floating leaf.

i did some light yard work until almost 4pm before returning home. i couldn't leave belmont soon enough, because our opposite door neighbor have been doing a lot of yard work, growing grass and planting trees, but they were using some kind of fertilizer that made me think it was something they made themselves, because it made the entire neighborhood smell like a pig farm. it was so bad i was tempted to call the police to register a complaint. even though it was kind of a grey day, it was actually unusually warm and humid. i enjoyed the summer-like weather while i can, soon it will all change.

we did get some sun after all, and made 31.45kWh today, more than i expected. compare this month with last month august, where we had 17 days above 40kWh+, so far for the month of september there's only been 1-2 days above 40kWh+. nevertheless, i still expect us to break last year's september production of only 742kWh (we are currently at 347kWh).

i fell asleep in the early evening, around 6:30pm, waking up at 8pm to make dinner which was simply leftover chicken tikka masala. i finished watching yesterday, about a struggling english musician who wakes up from a bicycle-bus crash only to realize in this new reality nobody's heard of the beatles. it's a great film, especially the first half when he introducing all these famous songs nobody's heard of before. the second half is a little weird, he becomes famous and has to deal with all the trappings of success, including producers who want to change the lyrics and feeling of being a fraud. i heard the film makers paid $10 million to get the rights to the beatles songs. i've never been a lily james fan (i just remember her from downton abbey) but this movie has really endeared her to me.

this comes after i finished watching blinded by the light, another england-based musical film, this one taking place in the 80's about a pakistani teenager inspired by the songs of bruce springsteen to follow his dreams and get out of town to become a writer instead of following the demands of his strict traditional pakistani father. that movie made me go online and download springsteen's greatest hits.

i also skimmed a 1975 giallo called strip nude for your killer. it's not a particularly good movie, the only reason to watch is for edwige fenech and a bedroom scene that prominently features a red moka pot (this is an italian movie after). i actually like watching 70's italian films and seeing how often moka pots make cameos.