being that it was friday and it wasn't raining, i could've gone down to boston for another chinatown/haymarket supply run. but i didn't need anything this week, even though the exercise would've done me good. instead i was resigned to just stay at home, having some blueberry granola yogurt for lunch while finishing the rest of my potato wedges.

i finally tossed out my old pair of converse sneakers. they were falling apart to the point where my pinky toes were poking out of the sides. fortunately i already have a replacement pair on standby.

i had one of the date-filling mooncakes my 2nd aunt brought back for me from taiwan. i still think one of these days i can make my own mooncakes. savory fillings is uncommon here but quite common in china when i was there during the autumn moon festival.

i did take a trip down to market basket in the afternoon, just an excuse to get out of the house. i bought a 3 lbs. chunk of beef rounds and a bottle of barbecue marinade, going to try some barbecue kabobs again this weekend.

all on the news today was the tracking of hurricane dorian. sitting 150 miles offshore, it was still large enough to bring some rain to the greater boston area, though it wouldn't arrive until later in the evening, and the forecast kept getting pushed back, until now it doesn't seem like it's going to get here until the middle of the night when everyone's asleep.

i had more pasta salad for dinner. i'm bringing the rest to my parents' place over the weekend, i don't think it's going to keep until next week. i've already decided that next week i'll be trying to make some more chicken tikka masala, this time broiled in the oven instead of pan-searing.