as hurricane dorian would be grazing new england tomorrow, i biked down to my parents' place in the afternoon to use up some of the rain barrel water since they're all going to be refilled again when the hurricane arrives. i also took the opportunity to elevate the catch barrel (red) by the sun room, as that one determined whether or not the other barrels would fill up.

my sister happened to be there, dropping off her dog while she went to work. i had to empty the catch barrel before i could move it, so i attached it to the sprinkler and gave hailey some exercise. i also used the hose to water some plants.

i went to the watertown home depot to pick up 2 2x8x16" cement stepping stones ($1.52/each) to elevate the catch barrel. back in belmont i raised the barrel by 2 inches, which seemed to be enough, and will raise the water level in the other barrels by 2 inches as well. when i reattached the hosing, i noticed the hose from the rain barrel by the living room window kept on leaking. i finally fixed it by tapping in tighter the brass fitting before clamping it with a hose clamp (i found out the black plastic clamp had split); it didn't leak after that. once that was done, i turned on all the spigots so the catch barrel will fill up with rain water.

my mother asked me to stop by the cafe when i returned home, as my 2nd aunt had more taiwanese snacks for me. i also left with a container of inari sushi with fish eggs which i ate when i got back, the blueberry granola yogurt i had for lunch already left me hungry.

i forgot to add the arugula to the pasta salad yesterday, which i ended up doing tonight when i had more salad for dinner. the dressing sort of dries up, but i had some left over which i drizzled onto the pasta to rehydrate everything. i also cut up the watermelon i got yesterday.