7:30am. that's when i woke up, the tandem noise of the contractors getting a head start on finishing renee's forever backyard deck and renee's first floor indian neighbors having a loud heated argument in hindi. even if i had my windows closed i could still hear them. it did give me the chance to use my zoom H1 audio recorder, which has sat neglected on the shelf for many years. one day these indian neighbors will be gone and i will yearn for these halcyon days where every morning i can hear the shrieks of the angry shrew and her henpecked husband, now with bonus comfort dog barks and construction sawing and nailing sound effects.

i called belmont highway department this morning to request a clean up. on one of the intersections approaching my parents' house, there's a pile of sand on the corner. it's not a big deal for cars, but on a bicycle and especially on a motorcycle, it's a dangerous slipping hazard. all that sand were washed there from recently weeks of torrential rain. not sure how fast they'll get to cleaning it up, but at least i finally made the call, meant to do it for weeks.

in the late morning i heard my upstairs neighbors outside so i opened the door to greet them. they were supposed to leave tomorrow, but have decided to come back next friday to spend the night before returning to holland the next morning. they told me in the week that they're gone paul might come back to install the dryer. i let them come inside my house so they could check it out. their kids couldn't get enough of the house, apparently i have a lot of things that kids find interesting: my digital weather station, my remote control lights, google voice activated ceiling fixtures and television, postcards taped to my fridge, aquarium, infrared sensor, baseball gloves, and 100-year old door bell. ting couldn't get over how much larger my place seemed on the inside, said the colors really made the rooms feel more expansive. she also really liked how i had lights everywhere, unlike upstairs where it was darker. they had rented a car and were on their way to pick it up and drive down to the JFK library. i didn't have the heart to tell them that traffic on I-93 was insane and it was better simply to take the subway.

i went down to the community garden to water my plants. i ran into dave, whom i haven't seen all season long. he was harvesting a bag of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and eggplants. he asked me about hong kong, what i thought. i told him the chinese government would most likely wait out the protestors - most of them students - since soon they'd have to go back to school. anyone remaining they'd simply arrest. i left with a few tomatoes of my own, along with a long slender japanese eggplant.

afterwards i went to market basket to pick up a few things, mostly drinks as they had a sale on polar seltzers. they also had a sale on häagen-dazs ice cream ($2.99/carton) but the shelves were cleared out, i'll come back tomorrow to see if they've restocked. i also got some ingredients for making smoothies, started to get a craving for that fruit elixir, while the season is still good for cold drinks.

the hours between 4-6pm is a dangerous time for me, as i'm often at my lowest energy point. if i should happen to be lounging on the couch, it's more than likely i'll fall asleep. such was the case today, when i slept from 5pm to 6pm. i'm against napping, see it as a sign of weakness, something that babies and old people do, not me, even if my body is telling me to lie down and sleep for a while. i also feel like it's a dangerous habit to have. if it happens again tomorrow, i'll fight it with some coffee, modern society's answer to napping.

solaredge seemed to have fixed the dashboard energy this month versus month production graph numbers: now they match. but in fixing that they broken the comparative energy graph, which now shows us with past monthly productions of 2.5MWh, which is impossible, meaning we'd need to average 80kWh of production per day. i'm hoping the issue will fix itself, otherwise i'll need to call solaredge again. it's a little worrying that the data keeps on glitching like that. the strange thing is all the data for the 3 months we've had the new inverter are correct; it's just all the monthly with the old inverter that the numbers are off.

i reheated the ribs and sausages for dinner. reheated ribs didn't taste any better, they were simply too greasy. ribs taste best fresh.