this morning i watched the mueller testimony. you could tell whether or not it was a republican or democrat congressperson asking him a question by whether s/he was being cordial or belligerent. i don't know why anyone would ever willingly testify before a house committee because the whole affair seems like it's designed where half the people are praising you while the other half are tearing you down. and it's long too (6 hours), takes up most of the day, like torture. i watched bits and pieces but there was nothing new. mueller didn't want to give either parties any ammunition and was careful with his answers. good or bad, the republicans will try to discredit him, anything to help trump.

i tried refilling my prescriptions over the phone but ever since rite aid officially became a walgreens, my rite aid prescription numbers no longer worked. in the early afternoon i biked down to the new walgreens to refill my prescriptions in person. the familiar pharmacists were still there, glad they didn't get fired during the transition. she told me 15-20 minutes, i said i'd come back.

i went to market basket to get some groceries before returning to walgreens. besides the prescriptions, i also got some mints that were on sale.

when i came home i spent some time readjusting the front brakes of my cargo bike, they started to get soft again after i just adjusted them less than 2 weeks ago. i don't like being in the backyard during the summer because of the mosquitoes. by the time i finished, i got 2 mosquito bites on my ankles.

i did some housekeeping today, spraying the tub with foaming bleach, vacuuming the house. i went into annie's closet and got the other fan.

dragon fruit makes you poop. my father told me this but i didn't believe him. it was only after i ate a whole fruit today and then running into the bathroom an hour later did i make that connection.

for dinner i made an italian sub. annie was preparing dinner as well, i let her try some of the deli meats: prosciutto, capicola, and salami.