* contractors start working on gutters

* annie gone again by 7am

* saw renee. a relief, because i thought she died: over the weekend an elderly cambridge woman drowned on the cape. i knew she went somewhere this weekend but didn't know where and was afraid that might've been her. turned out it wasn't.

* going to aunt's place at noon waiting for cable guy (arrival window 12-2pm). brought burger king for my uncle who's birthday was on sunday (bastille day). aunt shows me shattered ipad screen (completely shattered, not sure how she even managed to do that). decides to get it fix in taiwan for $50. small pieces of glass flaking off, her table covered in tiny glass shards. told her to stop using her ipad and put it away in a plastic bag.

* go to cafe to help my father move the chest freezer into the basement. aunt shows up, help her buy a new ipad (6th generation, $250 new 32GB)

* go to xfinity comcast office in fresh pond. can't make any changes on account because my authorized person list name is different than my legal name, but i can return the equipment.

* go home call comcast to cancel cable. spend 15 minutes trying to get me to sign up for more services or not to cancel. my aunt now only has internet essentials ($10/month); get rid of basic cable saves her more than $20/month.

* all day, hear the rattle of ladders as the contractors begin reattaching the gutters (using screws instead of nails)

* samsung 2x 32GB SDHC cards arrived

* i planned on get the instant pot duo 60 plus ($55) on sale for amazon prime day, but when i refreshed the page, the 60 pots were all sold out. they still had the regular duo 60 for $50, but i really wanted the duo plus. next time: don't wait until the last minute, things sell out!

* call kyocera regarding warranty service on my uncle's kyocera rally candybar phone which is only about a month old. previously charging fine, but now won't even turn on even with usb cable connected. kyocera said they won't honor phone bought through amazon. contacted amazon's live chat to see if they can do anything. window of return already closed, doesn't seem hopeful, but the woman i spoke to said she could send me a new replacement phone at no charge, all i had to do was send the broken phone back.

* bumped into my upstairs neighbor again with her son. she told me her husband and her younger son will be arriving friday afternoon. she and her son went to dinner at zoe's. her 7 year old son doesn't have any manners, classic ADHD case. she asked if i was chinese, we started talking in mandarin. when i asked her where she was from she said holland (that's not what i meant). later she told me beijing. i get the feeling that her son doesn't speak english.

* grilled ham and cheese sandwich for dinner

* bike down to cambridgeside galleria mall to get more hand soaps at bath & body works. tonight last day for 6 hand soaps/$18 deal.

* single larkspur growing in my front yard area

* annie came home while i was taking a shower. she gave me half the rent yesterday, saying she'd get the other half today, but she didn't. i told her to get it tomorrow. she told me she's going to go visit yale (new haven) this weekend, leaving saturday morning, coming back monday afternoon. i already knew this because she mentioned it on her wechat page.