MGH dermatology called me this morning to let me know the results of my biopsy. the fact that they were going to tell me over the phone was a clue that the "wart" they removed from my face was benign, which was the case. a "sebaceous keratosis" AKA seborrheic keratosis AKA "senile wart" (although i take objection to that last one, since i've had it when i was in my 20's). perfectly harmless even though it can look malignant.

i didn't go back to sleep after that. while annie was in the bathroom getting ready for work, i camped out in my usual spot in the living room and called comcast xfinity to transfer my 2nd aunt's cable and internet services from her current apartment to her new one when she moves this thursday. the new place is just a 17 minute walk from my house, 5 minutes away from porter square, and a 17 minute walk to the cafe. a creature of habit, my 2nd aunt doesn't see the advantage of her new location and still prefers her old apartment, which is undergoing renovations for 1-2 years. tenants have the option of moving back once the place is fixed, but who knows, maybe my 2nd aunt ends up liking her new apartment.

anyway, i called comcast, the first agent (george) put me on hold, but after a few minutes i was transferred to some random department, where a woman told me to hang on and then hung up on me. second time around i got ricardo. he was more helpful and we didn't lose connection. i knew it wasn't going to be easy because i tried migrating the service online and they wouldn't accept the address i gave them. turns out the new apartment my 2nd aunt is moving into isn't in the comcast database; the building is, just not that particular apartment number. i need to wait 7-10 days for the address to be added, and only then can i call them back and get them to do the transfer. it seems so stupid to wait so long, but these are comcast's rules, and they're the only game in town for fast internet service. in the meantime my 2nd aunt could use xfinity's hot spots with her username and password, provided that her neighbors (mostly elderly) also have comcast wifi.

my mother also called me this morning, told me she had some good news. i managed to guess what it is: she found my father's old orange columbia interchange jacket, the one he'd been searching for all winter. apparently it was buried underneath some other clothes in a clothes hamper. that meant there was no rush to get to the assembly row columbia outlet store, and when we do go, it'd to return the new jacket.

by that point annie had left for work. i could peacefully use the bathroom and take a shower afterwards. i wanted to ride the motorcycle to belmont to take a quick peek at the lotus progress, but there won't be that much change in less than one day's time. i could see the lotus barrel from the wyze camera i'd mounted in the sunroom to catch any raccoon attacks, but it was mounted too far away, what i wanted to see was details. my father called and said he added some more cash items to the square items database; i made some png nametags and added them to the items. by late morning i felt very light headed. i immediately took a blood pressure reading, which showed my BP low-to-normal, which is usually a good sign, but my BP is normally higher than normal. i felt like this for the rest of the day, i think i might've taken an extra dosage of thiazide by accident.

for lunch i finished some barbecued ribs and corn. at 1:30pm i went to the community garden to water my plants (haven't watered since friday). i bumped into joel, who came back to revisit the garden even though he no longer has a plot. afterwards i went to market basket for some groceries. i didn't think i got very much but still left with $30 worth of groceries.

i called solaredge close to 5pm to ask about the meter communication error we got back on july 4th. the estimated wait time was 30 minutes, but i decided to wait, just put the phone on speaker while i listened to the muzak. the wait ended up being less than 20 minutes, as daniel took my call. they're always super polite but i wasn't sure how much he'd be able to do, since the error was so random, and it hasn't happened again since that one time. he put me on hold as he chatted with some engineers, but none of them seemed to know what the problem was. he ended up updating the meter's firmware, as he noticed it was old, while the inverter had the latest firmware. maybe that might fix it. unless it happens again, it's just a random glitch. if it does occur again, we should be able to get a production meter replacement. the good thing is i've gone on the record with the problem. i asked daniel if our lost production for july 4th might come back (anywhere from 4-6kWh), he wasn't sure, said the firmware update might address it, otherwise it's mostly likely lost.

annie came home around 6pm. after a shower (where she managed to soak the bathroom carpet, rookie move), she started making dinner. i didn't see what it was, but from the smell it was most likely more spicy fish stew. i ended up making myself a simple grilled cheese and ham sandwich for dinner, quick and easy. i've got enough ingredients for grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and dinner for the rest of the week.

we hit 50.5kWh today, only just the second time this month we broke 50kWh+. the graph line was near perfect, no gaps, but even then we only barely broke 50kWh. all this week and next week looks to be sunny, with the exception of friday. not sure how many of those days we'll break 50kWh+, but it's going to be very good production for a while, curious to see if we'll surpass july 2018's production record.

after taking out the trash tonight i moved my motorcycle to the front of my house. heeding the lesson i learned last night, i parked defensively, using up a whole parking spot, making sure nobody gets any bright ideas and tries to parallel park behind or in front of me.