i took the motorcycle to the community garden early this morning before heading down to belmont to resolve the malfunctioning inverter. just as mysteriously, the inverter seemed to have fixed itself as the error was now gone. but when i checked the data from yesterday, there was zero production after 4:30pm, even though yesterday i saw the production and the graph line. so i called solaredge, but being the friday after 4th of july, they were closed.

instead of going home, i received an e-mail about a $3 sale on all bath & body works hand soap. as it was still early, i decided to ride down to the galleria mall to check out the sale.

when i arrived, i saw it was still the 5 for $23 deal. was the e-mail for online only? but i pulled up the website and it said it was for stores as well. one of the clerks checked for me, and even though it said one thing in the store, all the hand soaps were ringing up as $3. i ended up buying 17, smelling every single scent they had at the store.

i rode to the cafe to drop off the hand soaps. my 2nd aunt was there as well, she picked a few for herself.

my 58mm fotasy super slim nano multi-coated 16-layer CPL filter arrived today ($9.68 ebay). somehow i was imagining it would be clear like an UV filter, but it glass was smoky, as i suppose all CPL filters are. whether it's everything as advertised i can't be sure, but compared to my old 58mm calumet CPL the difference was obvious, the fotasy is a lot clearer. i decided to put the CPL on my 18-55mm lens, and keep the ysdigi UV filter on the 55-250mm telephoto. while rummaging through my photo equipment box last night, i also found a bunch of other forgotten filters. i had a 52mm promaster multi-coated UV filter for my 60mm macro lens (usually i have a hoya CPL on the macro). it actually compares pretty well with the ysdigi UV, when they're both installed you don't even realize they're there.

it finally got hot enough today that i ended up installing my window AC unit, the sharp AF-S85PX. the main reason why i was reluctant wasn't because of the difficulty installing or because i wanted to test my heat tolerance; no, it was primarily because the AC sits underneath a faulty gutter that will pour water onto the back of the metal chassis like a waterfall whenever we get a downpour and it can very loud. but i was no match for the combination of the heat plus humidity. plus, with a roommate, i'm obligated to provide a comfortable living environment. it was actually heavier than i remembered, but still far lighter than my old back-breaking AC (with the wood paneling) that required two people to install.