every went back to normal as i woke up this morning to find annie had already left for work despite the rain. she's no sandy, who will balk at going to the office if there's even a whiff of bad weather.

it's been 6 days since the 2nd batch of lotus seeds had cracked open revealing tiny sprouts on the inside and they still haven't emerged yet. i'm starting to get worried. 4 seeds were floating on the surface of the lotus jar this morning. i don't think any of the floaters are viable because they feel squishy. i performed a water change because it was cloudy.

for lunch i had a greek yogurt followed by a salad, so healthy it's sickening. i had some sweet mini peppers that i chopped up and added to the salad for some additional color and flavor. i typically alternate between thousand island and italian dressing: today was a sour italian dressing sort of day.

today we had the worst production for this month. the numbers barely broke 2kW. the final tally was 9.88kWh, not even double digits. but production overall for june has been very good, we were due for an off day. the total for this month has already beat all the production for january (550kWh versus 557kWh) and we're not even at the halfway mark yet. we keep this up, we should be able to break 1000kWh this month for the first time this year.

instead of tortellinis i heated up some frozen raviolis for dinner tonight. i watched an exciting red sox game against the texas rangers. red sox were down 6-1, but slowly crawled back to take a one point lead and finally win the game. i hadn't planned on watching the whole game because i wanted to see the NBA finals, but i didn't switch channels until after 11pm, though i monitored the score.

annie came home late, after 10pm. she was in the kitchen, spooning fermented glutinous rice from a jar to get at the sweet liquid. she went to harvard square earlier today and finally got money from the bank for the rent, which she then paid me.

i watched the final quarter of game 6 of the NBA finals between the raptors and the warriors in oakland. i was surprised golden state had the lead despite missing kevin durant and klay thompson, but maybe i shouldn't be that surprise, even with a few players gone, the warriors are still a dominant team. the game was close though, and soon toronto got the lead, and it was an intense final few minutes. but the raptors ended up winning, and i don't think kawhi smiled but he did raise his hands and shouted to celebrate. i kept thinking about jeremy lin who only played a few seconds in the finals, that he's going to be getting a championship ring as well for his part in the road to ultimate victory.

in the evening i performed another water change on the lotus jar. i decided to move the 4 floating seeds to a different jar, as i believe they're already rotten. the remaining 5 seeds are still viable, 3 of them with sprouts that don't seem to be germinating, a 4th seed that could germinate, and a 5th seed that feels squishy and is probably rotten as well. one of the semi-germinated seeds has started to get a little soft on the top, which could be a sign of rotting. i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. maybe they don't need the aquarium heater to make them so warm. i was able to germinate the last 2 seeds just fine with 70+ degrees room temperature water. maybe too much bubbling is a bad thing, sign of decomposition. a part of me kind of wants to get more seeds, but all the ones from US sellers are too expensive, while the ones from china are cheaper but by the time the seeds arrive it'll be july and there won't be enough growing days for the seeds to mature and form a viable rhizome to overwinter.