it rained last night and much of this morning, though the forecast called for increasing sun after noontime. in the early afternoon i did a water change on my lotus jar after it started getting cloudy. on friday night it looked like 3 more seeds were ready to germinate. to that select group i can add a possible 4 candidate, as it also looked like a little green sprout is about to emerge.

as it was still raining, there was nothing to do but housework. i washed two loads of laundry (regular clothes then sheets and towels). i cleaned out the cupboard, making more room for annie, who has put some of her food in there. sandy never made use of the cupboard space, electing to either leave her condiments in a neat pile on the kitchen counter or store in her room instead. i've been noticing a foul smell which i thought was the compost refuse bin, but turned out it was a bag of potatoes i had in the cupboard that had gone rotten and liquified. for some reason i decided i needed a closer whiff of the potatoes and accidentally put one too close to my face and got potato slime on the tip of my nose which i had a hard time washing off.

by the afternoon the rain had stopped and the sun came out. there were still some clouds, but they were of the wispy kind that all disappeared by the late afternoon. that's when i took the utility bike to market basket to get some groceries. lacking any food imagination, i decided this week would be nothing but processed foods. i bought a bag of healthy snacks which i munched into the evening. annie came home around 5:40pm.

today's production was half peak, which isn't too bad considering how cloudy and rainy it was this morning. the afternoon sun really saved the day, and this time of the year, with the height of the sun in the sky, any cloud breaks has the potential the generate a lot of electricity.

for dinner i first ate a salad (thousand island dressing) before making some ready-made white cheddar cheese shells later in the evening. for dessert i tried the new häagen-dazs rum tres leches. it was weird, had chunks of cake embedded in the ice cream, but there was a strong rum flavor and it wasn't too bad.

i finally finished watching a movie i discovered, such good friends (1971). it stars dyan cannon, whom i only know as a celebrity but had never seen any of her works. the movie is firmly planted in the 70's, and i watched it more for the fashion than anything else. it's about a wife who discovers her recently comatose husband had been unfaithful to her. it takes place in new york city, and paints a picture of manhattan populated seemingly only by whites, with the occasional minority help. the film also features jennifer o'neill, in one of her early movie roles. there's also a bizarre cameo by burgess meredith, who appears in a fantasy vision dancing nude in a manhattan rooftop party sporting just a book jacket.

this second batch of germinating lotus seeds seems to be much slower than the first batch. of the three that are definitely sprouting, one of them floated to the surface tonight, along with two others. i read that floating seeds are no longer viable, but if i squeeze the seeds a few times to release trap air, they sink back down again.