annie was already up by the time i got out of bed this morning, her bedroom door closed but the light was on. i used the bathroom, gathered up my things, and told her through the door that i was leaving. i took my jar of germinating lotus seeds with me, since the two seeds that've sprouted have grown so long it's time for them to be planted in some soil. i've been raising them in a large (1.2L) glass wire lid jar that i found on the street a week ago, but the lid was damaged and wouldn't close. so i removed the wire jar lid from another jar, but for some reason it wouldn't snap shut tightly. in the end i went back to the old jar lid, poured out half the water, and made sure it didn't tip over in my backpack.

my mother wanted to go to costco today, but when i told her bath & body works was having their semi-annual sale tomorrow, she opted to wait until then to go, since the everett costco is nearby a bath & body works (gateway center). then i thought we could go to OSJL to get another 7 ft double shepherd hook, but we can do that tomorrow as well (the medford OSJL). finally, i needed some topsoil from home depot, but my father said we can take it from the neighbors, who have a small hill of clay foundation soil waiting for disposal.

instead i finally planted all my vegetable seedlings while my father pruned the quince bush, now beginning to collapse from the weight of the additional new leaves on old long branches that should've been pruned ages ago. afterwards when i went to go clean up the pruned branches, i poked myself a few times from the quince thorns.

in the afternoon my father and i went to my aunt's place in arlington because they were having some problems with the pressure washer. after we looked it over, it sounded like the washer itself was broken because it couldn't maintain pressure. i also saw their new bird bath with a solar-powered fountain.

we waited all day for our neighbors to return home so we could catch them and ask if we could take some of their excavation soil. i must've been in the bathroom when my father went out and finally spoke to the neighbor. he was confused why we wanted to take clay soil, told my father there was better soil out front. but we wanted the clay soil for growing lotuses. there wasn't enough time today to collect some so we'll do it tomorrow.

i watched game 6 of the stanley cup. with the bruins down 2-3, tonight was do-or-die, made more difficult by the fact that the game was in st.louis. boston scored first on kind of a cheap shot, with the blues short-handed to just 3 players due to a combination of penalties. but no further goals were scored on either teams until the 3rd period. the B's ended up winning convincingly with a score of 5-1, and might've even shut out the blues were it not for a late st.louis goal with about 8 minutes left in the game (score was 3-0 at the time). game 7 will be on wednesday back in boston.