my father came this morning to help me move all the plants i dug up from my community garden plot to belmont. i then followed him to the cafe where he needed my help moving all the upstairs apartment furnitures from the bedrooms into the kitchen so floor contractors can sand and coat the wooden bedroom floors. that included the refrigerator, which somehow ended up in the large bedroom.

one of the circuit breakers in the junction box was broken, no longer snaps to either the on or off position. afterwards my father got into a shouting match with my sister, who wanted us to stay and help her pick up materials while we just wanted to leave after working for 3 hours on a sunny saturday. we finally left around 1pm.

my cousin eric video chatted me this morning while i was still sleeping. my taiwanese family were having a big mother's day dinner. to talked to them briefly before we hung up.

my father made some scallion pancakes with eggs combination for a late lunch. i rode the motorcycle back home to grab some haymarket produce i forgot to bring. later while my father took a nap, i was outside in the backyard dividing up the plant patches, separating the sensitive ferns from the ornamental grasses.

later my father woke up and helped me divide while i went around replanting the sensitive ferns. unlike some other ferns, sensitive ferns do very well in full sun, so i tried to put them where they could get at least some sun part of the day if not the entire day. there were also these thick black roots (about the diameter of a nickle) that i think are also fern rhizomes so i planted those as well, hoping to get even more ferns in the future.

i returned home by 8pm. a large box was waiting on my doorstep. judging from the size i knew right away it was my bike parts order.

besides the things i ordered, they also threw in a few complimentary samples of dove men+care antiperspirant in extra fresh scent. just so happens i ordered a bunch of men+care extra fresh soap from amazon a few days ago and i was curious about the fragrance (meh at best).

as exciting as it was to receive all these new bike parts, if only they could magically be installed that'd be great. alas, it's going to take me some time to put these hardware on my bike: new wheel (check the inner tube for leaks), new front and back derailleurs, new shift cables.i also got new foam handlebar grips but i'm going to wait until the ones i currently have completely fall apart before i change them. hopefully once that's done i'll have a new used bike again.

the part i was most curious to see was the wheel. i got the wheel master front 26x1.5" 559x19 alloy black machined-sidewall 36 quick-release 14G ($38.40 with 20% discount). i failed to take into consideration the number of spokes when i ordered: this one has 36 while my old wheels both were 32. i was afraid it'd look weird but it's barely noticeable. i was also worried about the axle length, but i compared it to my old wheel and they're exactly the same. one thing that's different is the wheel master doesn't have rubber dust caps on the hub. i thought maybe they were missing but i checked online and apparently it's a shimano deore hub feature, most bike wheels don't have them.

also arriving in the mail were some heat sinks for my raspberry pi's. i installed a set on my raspberry pi 3 model B+. the main heat sink that goes on the CPU is green, which goes well with the green PCB board. there was also a smaller heat sink for the network chip and a copper square wafer heat sink for the memory chip at the bottom of the board.

i decided to turn off in the fans in my grow closet: i think that's the reason that's preventing my seedlings from getting any larger. all of them seem stunted, and i think it's because the constantly running fan has dried them out too much and over-stressed the plants. i'm hoping to move all the seedlings out of the closet by june 1st, so i've got about 3 weeks to get these plants to size.