it was wet this morning but dry in the afternoon. i'd plans to go to belmont to do some yard work, but temperature was only in the 40's so i decided to stay home instead. tomorrow looks to be a grey but dry day, temperature in the 50's, so that might be a better day to go.

for lunch i made an egg and italian prosciutto english muffin sandwich with german sauerkraut, a very eurocentric meal. i washed it down with some decaffeinated hazelnut coffee.

united solar hadn't contacted me all day regarding the inverter replacement, looks like i'm going to have to e-mail them again tomorrow to apply some more pressure. to be honest, even when project manager kevin told me last week that they were going to replace it this week, i didn't actually believe them given their track record. it was nice to hear, but actions speak louder than words, and i won't be satisfied until they actually do the replacement.

for dinner i boiled a bag of pierogis mixed with some tomato sauce. i thought pierogis were like larger polish versions of italian raviolis, but these had a sour cream filling which was unexpected.

tonight was a weird triple conjunction of boston sports, when all three teams - bruins, celtics, red sox - were playing simultaneously. only the red sox were able to win, while the celtics and bruins both lost their playoff game (1-1 and 1-2 respectively).

the only time i went out today was to take out the trash, one of my least favorite things to do. paul had wheeled out the recycle and trash bins, but he didn't take out the compost bin nor the garden refuse container (all which is his doing). earlier today i did a load of laundry (including my bedsheets) and some vacuuming. it amazes me every single time as to the amount of dust that gets trapped in my rugs. i really should run the air purifier more often, but i'm reluctant to do so since its internal fan actually cools down the house and it's already cold enough. maybe when the weather gets warmer i'll run it again. i really didn't notice any difference the few times i turned it on last week, felt like it's more of a placebo effect than actually doing anything. like i ran it in the guest bedroom with the door closed for a few hours, and there's still a smell there. maybe i need to change out the carbon/HEPA filter.

it's the end of the month and the belmont electricity bill has come out. we made a credit of $24.73 this month. our credit total is $224.02, the most we've ever had. back in february it dropped down to about $159, which was the lowest it'd ever been since we started getting credit for electricity production.