i finally called rite aid to refill my prescriptions. i've been monitoring my blood pressure all this week after i stopped taking amlodipine. the findings were inconclusive: the first day or two i had some very low blood pressure readings, but after that my BP seemed to be slowly creeping up again. however, even with amlodipine my numbers are about the same. still, in terms of safety i should keep on taking all my HBP drugs: amlodipine, thiazide, and valsartan.

i had to go down in the basement to scold paul because he decided to bring a radio with him while he was organizing some of his things. i don't think he's purposefully inconsiderate, but he often does things without first thinking about the repercussions. when i told him i could hear him upstairs, he seemed genuinely surprised, since they never hear me from the 2nd floor. that's when i realized he actually doesn't know just how thin the walls are from the 1st floor to the basement. i should've demonstrated it to him so he'd understand, but the damage was done, he turned off his radio even though i told him just for today he could play it. before i left i also asked him not to slam the basement door. he said he does it to make sure the door is locked, i told him i can it everywhere in the house and i can actually feel the rooms shaking whenever he does it.

i finished the last of my chicken sausage for lunch, mixed into a bowl of savory oatmeal with some anchovies and chinese zha cai (榨菜). in the afternoon i left to go pick up my prescriptions before the forecast of rain began.

those flowering cherries growing in conway park that i thought were kwanzan cherries? apparently they're not because they've already finished flowering (kwanzans are just beginning to slowly blossom). i don't know what variety they are. i also saw an invasive flowering pear growing along the train tracks by the sacramento street underpass. that little area has a very interesting collection of weed trees, including a sycamore maple i noticed last year. back on the cambridge side, the autumnalis cherries are already post-bloom, but i noticed some other pink flowering cherries that looked different. located in front of star market, i discovered they were actually kwanzan cherries.

for dinner i heated up a brick of frozen lasagna. whenever i have readymade lasagna, it always makes me want to make my own. however the ones i make never tastes like the store bought ones. not that it's bad, it's just different. and my homemade lasagna only has one flavor, even though i've been meaning to change up my recipe. maybe i'll make some lasagna next week, as well as try my hands at baking another pecan pie, this time with homemade crust.