i woke up around 8:30am with a sudden urge to use the bathroom (what did i eat last night?). waking up early also gave me a few hours to work on my blog. sandy woke up around 10:30am. i wasn't stressed out as i typically get because i knew she wasn't going in to work.

i drafted what i thought was a well-worded e-mail to united solar project manager kevin explaining the situation with the wrongly-installed inverter and asked him when they'd be able to replace it. he never replied, but at least now i've detailed everything on the record (instead of just over the phone), and hopefully soon he'll get back to me, although i will keep on bugging him about it periodically until he does. today was another perfect clear blue sky day, and by evening we produced 47.16 kWh, but not sure how much more we could've made were it not for the 6kW cap.

up until now all my potted plants had been sitting on the dining table, but this morning i finally moved them into the grow closet. i have 6 extra cups that are currently empty of seeds, i have to decide what bonus plants i want to grow in them, probably some flowers.

my doctor called me unexpectedly sometime after noontime to go over my lab results. he apologized and said he would've gotten back to me sooner were he not stuck in iceland with his family after icelandic wow air abruptly went out of business last week and stranded him in reykjavik. he was supposed to get back on saturday but only returned yesterday. as for my blood work, the lab detected elevated iron level in my blood stream, as well testing positive for smooth muscle antibody (SMA).

elevated iron might suggest hemochromatosis, a rare genetic disease. but SMA suggests autoimmune hepatitis, which was why i was additionally screened for every possible hepatitis variant, all of which came out negative. the third possibility - the more likely scenario - is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). my doctor put in an additional lab work to check if i have hemochromatosis, plus got an order for a gastroenterologist to call me to schedule an appointment for a liver biopsy, which can determine for sure whether it's autoimmune hepatitis or NAFLD. fatty liver disease is a benign condition, most often treated with diet and exercise. my doctor said usually he'd recommend losing weight, but said i was already thin enough, so the other option is to improve my diet, cut back on fats and processed foods and more fiber and whole grains.

i made a cup of decaffeinated aeropress french vanilla coffee for lunch along with another ham and cheese sandwich with homemade bread. i ate in the kitchen before returning to the living room, where sandy and i sat across from each other, working off of our laptops.

i was on standby for much of the day, as my father said he'd call me if the electrician came so i could ask him about the nest thermostat installation. elsewhere in the basement the plumber came to replace the sewer pipe but discovered there was another tear at a different section which will also need to be replaced. somebody will come by tomorrow to give him an estimate but he's thinking it'll cost somewhere around $10k to get this all fixed, which won't be until monday. until then, the bathrooms are off-limits, or strictly only number one business, no number two.

when by 5pm my father still didn't call, i took sandy to the somerville target. we walked because google map said it'd only take 30 minutes, and we could see parts of union square along the way, which she's yet to visit, and neither have i since they closed the square for a 6-months construction project. we stopped first at petsi's so sandy could order a medium butter pecan pie to pick up on saturday before she returns to england. i also took her to see bow street market place and the korean grocery store. it didn't feel like a long walk and we got to target in no time. we were only browsing, neither of us buying anything. afterwards we went next door to burger king so i could cash a coupon on a double junior whopper deal with matching fries for $3.99. i also got an additional 10-piece serving for spicy chicken nuggets for $1.50. walking back i took sandy up on top of prospect hill tower to get a view of the area. we returned home by 7:15pm.

one thing i learned about england from talking with sandy is just how pervasive american franchises are in the local cuisine, that was surprising. it almost seems like foreign franchises have driven out a lot of the neighborhood eateries, and a typical dinner is deciding whether to visit mcdonalds, five guys, or KFC. back at home, sandy lives just a 2 minute walk from a burger king, so she has no fondness for the chain, though she was curious to sample the fries and the burger. she said the fries tasted different, more chalky, though that's not a bad thing. she said the junior whopper tasted better, not so much the beef which seems the same, but rather the mayonnaise.