the waiting game continues: sandy woke up at 10:30am, but instead of preparing for work, she brought her muffin and coffee into the living room, before bringing out her laptop as well. this will be the third day straight she has not gone to work. i don't think i've ever had a roommate who's stayed home for this long. everyday she doesn't go to work feels like a siege, and i'm counting the number of days left before she leaves for good (16 days). it's not that she doesn't have a right to stay home, but she's really milked it for all it's worth, from letting her boyfriend stay here for over a month, paying the rent a few weeks late, and cooking practically everyday. and it doesn't feel like her boyfriend has really left, because everyday they videochat for hours, and cantonese people have only one volume setting and that's loud.

my mother called me in the late morning to let me know she dropped her iphone and shattered the screen. she asked if it'd be possible to fix, if not she'd need to get a new phone, no on second thought she could still use this old one shattered screen and all. in the early afternoon i went to the cafe to take a look before ordering a new replacement screen (which really wasn't that much, around $20, and much easier to replace than a battery which i've already done before). she did show me on the web cam but from the resolution i couldn't really tell but i was hoping it wasn't as bad as she described. when i saw the phone my hopes were answered: it was simply the glass screen protector that'd shattered. after i removed the crack protector, the screen underneath was pristine. i left with a few slices of pizza my sister had left behind.

i stopped off at rite aid to pick up my prescriptions before returning home. something must've changed with my insurance because like last time i didn't have to pay anything. the first thing i did when i got back was to move to the dining table since sandy had taken over the living room. sitting on the floor, bundled up in my red fleece blanket, i don't know how she can even work. i on the other hand communicated with one potential nest installer while doing taxes for my sister's godmother with the turbotax software.

at 2:30pm sandy brought her laptop into the kitchen and had some of yesterday's leftovers for lunch (the same leftovers i thought she'd take with her to the office had she gone). afterwards she continued working from the kitchen, she from the island counter, me from the dining table, so we were face to face. maybe she didn't understand that i moved back here just to get away from her. after i finished with the taxes, i moved back into the living room.

in the late afternoon i baked some more spiced potato wedges as a snack (cut from 4 medium size spuds). they finished baking by 6pm, at which time sandy went to go make dinner and chat with kelvin, and then ate in the living room while simultaneously continuing chatting, not taking into consideration that i was watching television at the time. she didn't seem to get the hint when i pumped up the volume. i said nothing, just repeated to myself that she'll be gone in two more weeks. i nearly finished all the potato wedges, dipped in ketchup. later in the evening i reheated the pizzas for dinner.

today was a cloudy day, but we still managed to produce half of what we'd normally make, at 23.46 kWh. rainstorms are expected overnight, hopefully they'll clear up by tomorrow morning so we won't lose that much production.

sandy went to bed a bit after seth meyers came on at 12:35am, taking a quick shower before hand. the internet went down right as i was preparing for bed around 1am. ever since i switched to the asus router, i almost never get a lost signal. when i checked the closet, it was the cable modem that was blinking erratically. since comcast's tech support is offered 24/7, i called them up. they knew right away it was an outage issue, and the automated voice message wouldn't even allow me to speak with an agent. at least they were aware of the problem. i wonder if it was a scheduled maintenance and i just never got notified. the message also said it'd be fixed by 6am and that they could send me a text message once everything was up again.