i was up by 9am but surfed the web from bed for 30 minutes before finally getting up. i had a bowl of yogurt for breakfast mixed with granola and fresh blueberries. my upstairs neighbors were especially noisy this morning; later i saw they'd hired a cleaning service. maybe they're thinking about renting out their place again, which is fine by me, anybody would be less noisy than them. i'd heard sandy's alarm go off at 9am but she didn't actually wake up until 11am. the electric kettle was running but 20 minutes later she was still at home. a peek in the kitchen revealed she was working off her laptop from the island. it appears she would not be going to work today.

not that it mattered too much since i left the house at 12:30pm, didn't even bother letting sandy know as she was back in her bedroom. i biked to the cafe where i was meeting up with my parents for a restaurant depot errand run. i was hoping we'd also hit the chelsea market basket nearby, so i could pick up some corned beef, but i decided i'd simply get it from the somerville market basket instead. at restaurant depot my mother found my father's lost credit card, which was in her vest pocket; i almost called the bank today to get a replacement card.

afterwards we stopped off at the fellsway plaza to visit ac moore, aldi, harbor freight, and ocean state job lot. my father was looking for battery cable lugs: harbor freight carried either the tiny ring connectors (too small) or beefy thick lugs (too large and too expensive), so we left empty-handed. when we went inside OSJL, my mother was already checking out. i wanted to take a look at their seed selection, but i already have enough to start.

after dropping off the supplies back at the cafe, i biked to my parents' place while they drove the car. i helped my father order a 36 cell 20V 100W flexible solar panel off of ebay ($108) along with a 30A solar panel controller ($10.59). the controller will come in about a week but the panel itself might take a few weeks since it's coming from china.

after dinner i biked back to cambridge. since it was daylight saving time, it felt weird to be riding home while it was still light out. when i got back home, i noticed that my upstairs neighbors had put some trash bins in front of my furnace exhausts. worst case scenario, the furnace will stop working if it can't get enough fresh air, and blocking the exhausts could also fill the basement will deadly carbon monoxide. they also finally took down their christmas tree as well as the christmas trees, which i've been wanting to remove back in january.

sandy was in her bedroom and came out to make some dinner. she came into the living room to eat, and asked if i had dinner yet since she didn't hear me cooking. did she not know i was gone most of the day? we watched the season finale of the passage followed by the good doctor. she went to bed by midnight, unlike last night when i'd already retired by 1am and she stayed up until 2am. who knows if she's going to work tomorrow.