i wanted to wait a bit for the day to warm up before going down to haymarket to look for some ugly fruit oranges. my father stopped by briefly to drop off my wool mittens while i gave him the set of crescent wrenches to replace the toro snowblower paddles. i made one last omelette with the remaining bits of cubed ham; i added way too much half and half into my 2 egg mix, but that made for a larger fluffier omelette (but thin, almost like a crepe).

i finally left for haymarket by 1pm. i couldn't find any ugly fruits, and the overall citrus selection was few and not well priced, but i found some long grapes (sweet sapphire) selling at 2 bags for $3 (i bought 2 bags). i also left with: a bag of miniature sweet peppers ($2), 10 clementines ($2), 2 boxes of blueberries ($3), and a box of fuyu persimmons (dozen $3). i left by 1:45pm.

i stopped off at my house first to pick up the waterproof winter boots that'd arrived for my 2nd uncle before heading to the cafe. my 2nd aunt was there so i gave her the boots. i dropped everything off, leaving with just a few clementines. my father couldn't replace the paddles because the crescent wrench set i gave him was missing the two sizes he needed: 11mm and 7/16 in. when i got back home i searched for them but couldn't find them. i would've put them back immediately after using them, and i can't remember what i did with them to begin them, but i could've used them to adjust my bike wheels.

i went to star market to get a bag of pretzels. i also saw that they had a large selection of corned beef on sale, all priced very cheap, but you could only get that price if you bought over $25 worth of other groceries. coming back, i bumped into sandy walking to the supermarket herself. it was just 4:30pm, so she must've left work early at 4pm.

for dinner i finished the leftover slow-cooked honey-garlic chicken thighs with rice. sandy made some ribs, which she told me about earlier in the week, and said i could have some. they turned out to be less than a dozen small pieces of spareribs, not an entire rack like i'd imagined. i couldn't bare to take away from her dinner so i just had a single piece. they were pretty good, steamed in aluminum foil in the oven before slathered with barbecue sauce.

it's been more than a week, i finally had to ask sandy about the rent. she said she'd get the money this weekend. i also confirmed when she'd be leaving: instead of the 5th, she actually extended an extra day, not leaving until april 6th.