i woke up around 9am this morning; sandy didn't wake up until 10am. i like roommates who leave for work before i wake up, so i can pretend i live alone, so i could have some private time. most past chinese astrophysicists are like that, but sandy, having grown up in england, has a touch of western laziness. why get up early when you can sleep late? not like she has a boss and she sets her own hours anyway. even back at home, she only goes to the office 3 times a week (although it does take her nearly 2 hours to commute into london, not like the 20 minute walk she has here).

instead of hurrying off to the office, sandy took her time, and when she came into the living room with her breakfast and laptop, i knew that was a bad sign. she had no intention of going into the work today. actually, i'm starting to see a pattern, because often times she's at home on mondays. when i went into the kitchen, i saw she had already put out a container of pasta sauce for lunch; whether it's to bring to the office or have at home i don't know. at least she isn't chatting with her boyfriend, which seems to be the norm whenever she's at home.

i had lunch by noontime, heated up the last of my blueberry muffins in the microwave and made myself a cup of caffeinated hazelnut cream coffee with the aeropress. there's a reason why i've stayed away from caffeinated coffee for a while because it makes me super jittery (and also makes me go to the bathroom, but any kind of coffee will do that). i just wanted some hazelnut cream as i only have decaffeinated french vanilla and i find that flavor a little bitter to my liking. i watched 30 minutes of news before turning off the tv but by then i was wired, felt like cleaning the house or going out for a run.

sandy went into the kitchen to make lunch around 1:30pm. that was also the same time that her phone was ringing. it was no surprise who it was, kelvin calling, makes me think they'd already scheduled this videochat. she then ate in the kitchen, noisily conversing with her boyfriend.

my parents called me in the afternoon, said it was better if i stayed home today as it was so windy outside (69mph winds reported in cambridge alone, the house creaking all day like an old rickety ship from the cold gales) it'd be hard to ride the bike.

sandy was finished with her videochat lunch by 2:20pm and returned to the living room to continue working on her laptop.

the production graph for today was unusual, just a series of peaks and valleys. we made 36.76 kWh, which was more than i expected give that it was sort of cloudy today. tomorrow looks to be a day of nothing but sun and cold, so i'm hoping we might break a single day production record for february.

sandy went to go make dinner at 6pm (chicken soup), which was also her excuse to begin chatting with kelvin. even after she finished, she retreated to her bedroom to continue chatting, finally stopping by 8:30pm when i didn't hear anymore chatter. as for me, i warmed up some leftover rotisserie chicken and stuffed it inside a toasted sub bun with cilantro and sriracha sauce, kind of like a poor man's banh mi sandwich. sandy didn't come back to the living room the rest of the day, only making an appearance briefly after a shower to collect her water bottle. i don't know if she's going to work from home again tomorrow, i hope she doesn't.