sandy went to go use the bathroom soon after i was finished with it this morning before she left for boston chinatown around 11am. the thing i've always found kind of special is she doesn't need too much preparation before getting out. by the time she left her bedroom, she was already dressed and had her parka and backpack ready to go.

it was a milky bright day with temperature almost in the 40's by the time i biked to belmont by 11:40am. my front tire was a little flat so i pumped it up before leaving. i had some millet porridge with a fried egg and some chicken cutlets for lunch. i played chinese-subtitled episodes of true detective and i am the night for my mother.

today's milky sky left us with just 26.76kWh. the graph was more of a pyramid instead of the usual bell curve. when i went out to check on the panels, there wasn't any snow on the roof. in the afternoon we took advantage of our electricity surplus by turning on the living room space heater and doing a load of laundry.

periodic check of my router revealed that sandy finally came home around 4pm. i turned up the heat for her as a courtesy. however, around 5:30pm i noticed the nest thermostat wasn't sensing anyone at home and turned itself to away mode, even though my router still said sandy was home. i turned the heat back on.

we had zhajiang noodles for dinner. my mother also emptied a jar of korean kimchi, as it'd been stinking up the fridge and she just wanted to eat as much of it to get rid of it. i left for cambridge by 7pm, playing mortal engines for my parents to watch.

the timer light in the living room had turned on but the shades were still opened. that meant sandy hadn't been in the living room since it got dark (otherwise she'd have closed the blinds). i could hear her in bedroom chatting with kelvin. not sure how long they were chatting, but eventually, by around 9pm, i didn't hear anything even though all the lights in her room were still on. i think she fell asleep. i didn't see her the rest of the night.

i decided to call it an early evening myself. after a shower (when i went to go weigh myself i was shocked to see 156 lbs, the heaviest i've ever been), i ate piece of pecan pie, finished off a blog posting, and went to bed before 11pm.