sandy was just getting ready to leave for work when i woke up around 10am. she left soon afterwards. for lunch i had a bowl of salad with thousand island dressing and a slice of quiche. in the afternoon an asian pear for a snack and a fruit smoothie along with some decaffeinated french vanilla coffee.

breaking news today was the story of robert kraft busted as a customer in a jupiter florida prostitution sting. it only took a few weeks for all that post-superbowl good feeling to disappear. the most likely criminal penalty will be a fine and maybe some probation or community service. but the damage to kraft's reputation as a good guy is irreparable, and it will also definitely affect his standing in football, with possible NFL fines/censure coming as well. you figured someone with his money wouldn't have to visit a dodgy asian massage parlor that charges $60/hour. making it worse, he visited not once but twice, and the police say they have it all on video, though of what nature they didn't exactly spell out, but it sounded pretty damning. you have to wonder, a man with all his financial success, what kind of personal judgement he has for frequenting a place like that, especially his viewpoint on women. the sting was also a part of a human trafficking investigation, so whatever kraft got himself involved in, it's pretty shady.

i cleaned the bathtub using some soft scrub with oxi cleaner. it's got a really nice fragrance to it, makes cleaning less awful. my cleaner of choice for bathroom tiles is scrubbing bubbles, but they seemed clean enough this time that i didn't have to do that.

i spent most of the day trying to find a google sheet query formula to automatically generate data for a year by year comparison for monthly solar production numbers. it's easy to create manually, but i wanted to see if i could make it through code. there's probably a way but i couldn't solve it.

in the afternoon i went out on a bike errand, first to rite aid to get some pistachios then to market basket for some groceries including two cases of shweppes pomegranate seltzers and some blueberry muffin ingredients. i also picked up a table talk pecan pie ($4.99).

sandy came home at 4:45pm. kelvin's repaired leather boots arrived in the mail today. when she took them out of the box, she saw they'd completely replaced the soles, conditioned the leather, and replaced the shoelaces.

it was a sunny and clear day for the most part, but there were bouts of milky sky that cut into the solar production number. the total for today was 34.95kWh, 2kWh shy of this year's maximum, and 4kWh of february's maximum set last year on the 27th with a value of 39.12kWh.

sandy made a simply seaweed soup along with some "dry" instant noodles blended with some sauce. as for me, it was a repeat of my lunch, a bowl of thousand island dressing salad and the final slice of quiche. we also tried the pecan pie i got. it's okay, very sweet, but can't compare to petsi's pecan pie. for one thing, this pie doesn't have a secret sweet potato foundation. the filling seems to be mostly corn syrup, not sure if there's even eggs. the crust also doesn't have that much flavor. the petsi's pecan used a lot of butter to get that really delicious flavor. of course, just a small 5" petsi's pie costs more than this whole 10" pie.

sandy told me she's going with some coworkers to try out the new liu yi shou hotpot restaurant in chinatown tomorrow for lunch. that's good because i won't feel guilty leaving her at home while i run off to my parents' place.