after having had to get up early over the past two days (one day was for the parade, the other day was to shovel snow), today was the first day where i could sleep late so i took advantage of it, not waking up until almost 10:30am. sandy was gone by then, the house a chilly 59°F since the nest thermostat put itself into away mode.

it was a sunny day and i was glad to see that the solar production had already peaked at 6kW. apparently all that ice on the panels melted after all. ironically, i could see my neighbors' solar panels were still partially covered in snow (because they can't clean it like we can).

for lunch i had some yogurt with granola. in the afternoon i was trying to work up my low temperature endurance so i could brave the cold outside and go pick up my prescriptions then head to market basket. i finally left a bit after 2:30pm. there were piles of frozen snow in the bike lanes on certain spots, but for the most part the streets were navigable. i wore my helmet anyway, just in case i should slip and fall. i went to pick up my prescription at ride aid and also got some pistachios and cough drops on sale. i also got a bag of pecan on sale, for my pie recipe. it was relatively quiet at market basket, i came away with $40 worth of groceries, including ingredients for a quiche i'm making tomorrow night.

we made 36.45kWh today. when i compared the graph to the standard, i could see that we lost a little bit in the morning as the sun was melting the ice on the panels. it happened quick though, and by 9:30am we were already on track.

my new real ID driver license arrived today. security-wise, it seems similar to the old ID, but i guess its specialty lies in the background check beforehand. the photo of course is not very flattering, with my winter fat face. good news is i get to renew the license again in 5 years, so try to do better next time.

sandy back by 5:30pm and started making dinner immediately. at 6:30pm she went to go take a shower, so i figured she was done with dinner, but afterwards i heard her being busy in the kitchen once more. apparently she left something stewing on the stove and was finally ready to eat. she in the kitchen by 7:30pm, while i reheated my porkchops from sunday along with a small bowl of supplemental salad. i figured she'd relocate into the living room but she didn't because she chatted with kelvin briefly, but finally did some out after she was done with dinner by 8pm.