i never saw sandy this morning even though i knew she was already awake because i heard her chatting with kelvin briefly. i left by 11:40am, leaving her a note, which was probably what she was waiting for anymore, so she could have the whole house to herself.

i haven't biked since last tuesday, where i traveled 7.6 miles to the watertown RMV and back. i could feel some decreased endurance just from a few days of inactivity, but not too bad. the weather was warmer than i expected, temperature in the lower 40's, though i was dressed for much colder weather (temperature will drop by tonight).

i had some eggs, bacon and oatmeal when i arrived. afterwards my mother gave me a haircut. long hair keeps my head warm during the winter but it was starting to get a little unruly. i haven't had a haircut since july. i've noticed that the hair along my temples have been receding but once i went back to sporting short hair, my hairline went back to normal. i wanted to compost my hair but my parents said it would never break down so we just tossed it even though it seems like a waste of perfectly good hair.

it was a sunny day, one that looked to produce another record production except there was a dip in the early morning perhaps due to some clouds. otherwise the rest of the day was cloudless. we ended up making 36.03kWh, just a kWh shy of the record, though the second highest production so far this year.

i helped my father write some more formulas for the LLC spreedsheet. one sticking point was trying to categorize all the different credit and debit card transactions. i've been importing transaction data from the bank account, which worked last year, but there were a few new wrinkles for this year (2018). for one thing, a bunch of returned items threw off the summations, because in the transaction data they all had the same signs. there was no easy way to switch all the refunds so we manually made them negatives. another new feature was aggregating all the deposits, as they were mostly rent related. while digging through the transactions, i found several non-business related expenses made by my sister. it seems she's been secretly using the company credit card to do things like go out to dinner with friends. it wouldn't have been a big deal if they were small amounts, but twice she dined at a fancy restaurant with bills totally $700.

my sister had the misfortune of coming home on the day we discovered her embezzlement. she wanted to trim her hair right during dinner time, so we had to delay food preparations until she was done with the kitchen. i asked her about her expensive dinners and my mother likewise did the same. it ended into a screaming fight as my sister accused us of ganging up on her and said my mother told her she could use the company credit card anytime she wanted.

when my sister finally left we had dinner. after dinner i returned home. an acrid smell greeted me as i entered the house, like something was burnt. though unpleasant, i didn't ask sandy about it as the kitchen looked spotless except for the smell. the stench will disappear eventually. sandy's here for 7 more weeks. if she continues to cook this way, i don't know how long before i go crazy.

we watched the all-stars competition. tonight was the skills contest, three-point contest, and slam dunk contest. jayson tatum won the skills contest with an amazing 3-point shot from midcourt that knocked out his opponent's ball to have his go into the net.

later in the evening i worked more on the spreedsheet after figuring out a way to tally up all the credit and debit transactions.