i woke up before sandy, around 8:30am, right when the scheduled heating began. i don't know why, but i didn't feel very sleepy so just decided to wake up and start the day early. i used the bathroom and took a quick shower before sandy finally got up around 9am. she was surprised to find me already up. she made herself some tea before leaving for work after 9:20am.

today's weather was back to normal, which meant cold with temperature in the 30's. i was prepared to spend the whole day at home, finishing off the bucket of fried chicken. my mother called me in the afternoon, said a friend of theirs had brought over some sushi and told me to come down if i wanted any.

i biked down around 3:30pm. my 2nd aunt was there as well, having returned from taiwan last night. she gave me some snacks she'd brought along with a red envelope for chinese new year. i returned home along with the sushi by 4pm. that's when i saw sandy by the front door about to go into the house. this week is actually her first normal week of work since kelvin left, and i'm starting to get a better sense of her schedule. she wakes up at 9am, but comes back home around 4pm. plus, the moment she gets back home she's videochatting with her boyfriend. tonight they were online until well past 7pm, even while she was making dinner and eating. it was pretty noisy but thankfully she kept her conversation in the kitchen.

i wasn't expecting much in terms of production but we made some good numbers in the morning, but clouds started rolling in during the afternoon, even then, production was only reduced by a bit, and we still managed to make 30.50kWh. even with total sun exposure, we'd have probably only made 35kWh maximum.

i ate the sushi for dinner (spicy tuna) along with a fruit smoothie and some ugly oranges. sandy came out to the living room after dinner. i played her the new robin hood movie starring taron egerton. the storyline was very simple and there were no surprises but i was entertained despite all the anachronisms. sandy also finally paid the rent today, nearly a week late. she went to go take a shower around midnight them went directly to bed.