having not gone to work all this week, i wasn't surprised to find that sandy didn't go to work again on friday. i was busy extracting songs from spotify using the audfree spotify music converter app on my laptop since my premium trial period was about to end in a few days. when sandy and kelvin finally did wake up, sandy told me they were going to the quincy walmart today. they left by 12pm.

i made some savory oatmeal for lunch, while at the same time vacuuming the house including all the salt crystals tracked into the foyer. in the afternoon i cleaned the weber barbecue grill and moved it back to the basement. i changed the air filter on the furnace. i fresh squeezed some orange juice before biking to rite aid to get some mucinex-d for my mother and some smoked almonds for myself. afterwards i got some salsa from market basket. i then rode to the cafe to deliver the cold medication and the orange juice.

back at home by 4:20pm, i walked to star market to get some green mountain hazelnut coffee keurig cups and stock up on canned campbell soups on sale.

production today happened the entire day (no ice/snow cover) but due to the clouds it couldn't reach maximum output. february looks promising though, beside saturday, there seems to be a stretch of partly sunny weather. no rain/snow until thursday.

sandy and kelvin came back after 7pm while i was eating my dinner of cold ribs and bacon. they went to taipei cuisine in quincy for lunch and ordered so much that they brought leftovers back, a rarity. they ordered 3 lunch specials which came with 3 bowls of rice and 3 servings of soup. they also made it to the walmart and bought some mucinex-max cold medicine for kelvin. they hadn't had dinner yet: sandy shared a beef wrap with me (i added more fresh chopped cilantro) while kelvin mixed some leftover beef into a bowl of instant noodles. we ate while watching the celtics-knicks game on ESPN streaming through roku. during a break, sandy added me as a new wechat friend.