kelvin woke up around 11:30am. i asked him if they were still planning on going to washington dc. he said they weren't, too expensive. in that case, i said we could have one final barbecue this week, and that we could go get supplies at market basket later today. later he asked if we could postpone the supply run, since he and sandy were going to meet up for lunch and not return home until after dinner.

i grilled up the package of turkey bacon my parents gave me. i've never had turkey bacon before, looked more like strips of spam-colored ham. there seemed to be zero fat on these bacon and i had to add some vegetable oil to keep them from sticking to the pan. i let kelvin sample one before he left; he said it tasted like a very lean and healthy bacon.

once the bacon were done cooking, i made some scrambled eggs (with half & half) and fresh squeezed a cup of orange juice (3 navel oranges). by the time i finished with the oj, the eggs were already cold.

even though i told kelvin we'd get groceries tomorrow, i still ended up going to market basket since i didn't have anything to eat in the house. i went around 3:30pm. the weather was a mix of sun and clouds and cold (30's). there was some chicken breasts on sale ($1.49/lbs) so i decided to make some chicken cutlet sandwich for tonight (and the rest of the week). i got exactly 12 items, saving the barbecue stuff for tomorrow.

the solar production today was similar to what it's been the past few days, just a few kWh shy of 30+ (28.63kWh). there seeme to be something wrong with the automatic energy reporting: it said the production value was oversized and invalid. i was hoping it'd clear up on its own (i seemed to remember this happening before), but i wrote united solar associates anyway, hoping to get in touch with somebody who could help me, or at least tell me there was nothing to worry about. problem is our original agent lucas left the company early last year, so we don't know anybody there anymore. fortunately the solar panels have been working without any problems, but should there be a problem one day, i don't know who to contact. in the end i wrote an e-mail to their info address, hoping somebody can redirect me. i've always got the sense that USA primarily focused on commercial contracts, or residual contract work from other bigger solar companies, and that their own residential clients are at the bottom of their priority list. when i checked the reporting later in the evening, just as i'd hoped, it cleared up on its own.

for dinner i made myself a chicken cutlet sandwich. i got two large chicken breasts which i split in half horizontally. i froze one split breast while breading the other split breast in an egg wash followed by some panko crumbs mixed with parmesan cheese. even though i already sliced the breast so the two cutlets were thinner, apparently it wasn't thin enough and i could see that the middle was still uncooked. next time, either find thinner breasts or tenderize the cutlets with a mallet to make it flatter. i ended up scissoring the cutlets into two pieces and cooking them a bit longer. a lot of the panko crumbs fell off the edges, it wasn't exactly the best looking breaded cutlets, but it tasted great. i toasted the sub bread and spread some dijon mustard with some chopped lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

sandy and kelvin returned home around 9pm. i found out they went to newbury street in the afternoon and then had gyu-kaku japanese-korean barbecue for dinner at harvard square. they had the all-you-can-eat buffet, the supreme at $55/person. they also brought back a lady M layered crepe cake from newbury street. when they opened the box however, the cake was partially melted and had toppled over from being carried around all day. i tried a piece, wasn't anything special, there are better alternative cakes and pies. kelvin told me when this chain first appeared in hong kong, people lined up to buy it. however, on newbury street, the store sits empty.