sandy and kelvin left around 10:30am, with IHOP, harvard natural history museum, MIT, and mulan on their itinerary. i used the bathroom, took a shower, and squeezed some fresh orange juice before finally biking to belmont. i also went to the basement and dialed back the temperature dial just a smidgen on my hot water tank as i've been noticing it gets uncomfortably hot at times (i like the hot water just the right temperature where i don't even need to turn on the cold water).

it was a sunny day with intermittent patchy clouds, but the kind of clouds that enhanced the sunlight instead of eclipsing it. by day's end we made nearly as much electricity (30.93kWh) as yesterday (31.36kWh), when there was very little cloud coverage and mostly sun.

my parents went to costco this morning with my sister and her godmother. her godmother was going because she's returning to taiwan for 2 months tomorrow morning and wanted to get some stuff for friends and family back home. my parents finally came home around 1pm. they bought some buffalo wings which we heated up in the large toaster oven. it actually came out pretty good, not soggy at all, but the wings got stuck on the tin foil; next time the wings should be baked on a rack to prevent sticking. i also roasted the 99¢ bag of hazelnuts i got from star market. preheated the oven to 5 minutes, then 20 minutes of roasting on tin-foil lined tray produces the perfect amount of roasting.

with the superbowl not until next sunday, there wasn't much to watch on television. everyone seemed to retiring for naps (father in the bedroom, mother in the living room sofa), so i went to the small bedroom around 4pm and slept for 1-1/2 hours.

i got home a bit before 8pm, biking in the cold. the front wheel lights on my fuji bike went out; i adjusted it (sometimes the battery pack gets loose) but it went out again. sandy and kelvin weren't home yet. i took the opportunity to take a shower. they finally came back a bit later. they went to IHOP, where the service was slow (it was crowded), and stayed there for nearly 2 hours. afterwards they went to the harvard natural history museum and the art museum, getting in for free on sandy's harvard id card. they then walked to kendall to explore MIT before finally having dinner at mulan. sandy raved about the food there, said it was her most favorite chinese restaurant in the boston area.