with the outdoor temperature as cold as 5°F, i stayed indoors the entire day, savoring my final hours of solo living before my roommates return later tonight from new york city. i spent the day cleaning, from scrubbing the toilet, vacuuming the floors, and doing two loads of laundry (including bedsheets from the guest bedroom). for lunch i heated up a pair of meat buns in the microwave along with a smoothie. unlike yesterday, there was some solar production today: 149Wh, a mere pittance. i felt a little better knowing my neighbor from across the street had all his panels covered in snow as well. for dinner i ate two more meat buns.

where's the pain?: left shoulder * left tricep * left pectoral * left shoulder blade * left ankle * back of left thigh * right bicep * right tricep * right thigh * left calf * right wrist * right forearm * right palm * right lower back to right glute * right abdomen * right hand

sandy and kelvin returned a bit after midnight. right on schedule, even though i was sure they'd be significantly delayed due to the snow. they looked traumatized, like two walking human popsicles, i could feel the subzero temperature wafting off of their bodies. their greyhound bus stopped in hartford to unload and load passengers. they had zero accumulation in new york city, just some flurries at best that turned into rain. only when their bus made its way to boston did they see that much of the northeast was blanketed in white. when they finally arrived, they tried touching the snow but was surprised it was so hard. trying to break an icy puddle, they realized it was completely frozen solid.

as they sat on the couch acclimatizing to the warm indoors, i asked them about what they did in new york. on saturday they went to hometown barbecue in red hook, which required taking the subway and a bus. it was mid-afternoon when they got there, and they still had to wait in line. they got the combo which they said was good, but it wasn't amazing. they ate so much that they didn't feel like eating the rest of the day, instead having some hong kong pastries for dinner. they also went to the empire state building that night. they planned on catching the sunset, but took the subway in the wrong direction and had to take it all the way back. it had started to flurry by the time they ascended the skyscraper; sandy showed me a video she took where the snow was actually falling skywards due to all the winds.

sunday they went to peter luger steak house ($$$$) for lunch, which they had a reservation. the steak here was amazing. they sat between two tables both having a birthday party. they also watched two korean girls order hot water (which seemed to annoy the waiter) and finish all the free bread (rookie mistake, leave room for the main course!). apparently there seemed to be a lot of asians customers. after walking across the brooklyn bridge, they went to the taiwan pork chop house in the manhattan chinatown for dinner. though they don't offer stinky tofu, the food was still delicious, taiwanese home-cooked style.

on monday they went to david's brisket house. it was good, but nowhere as good as katz's, which they didn't have time to return to for an encore. they also went to korea town to try the pelicano fried chicken, which they loved (even though it was a mess to eat). finally they got some five guys burgers takeout for the 7pm bus ride back to boston. apparently they didn't go to flushing (should've done it on that first night), i didn't ask them about it anyway.