sandy and kelvin left before noontime to explore coolidge corner brookline and the fenway area, on another very cold day with temperature in the 20's but wind chill in the teens or below. brookline had the jewish deli, fenway had popeyes fried chicken. after they left i biked to market basket to get up some hazelnuts and some trout for my mother. i also got a pan of steaks. i returned to the house briefly to change into warmer clothes1 before biking to belmont. with my 2nd aunt in taipei for the month, my father has to run the cafe on saturday, so only my mother was home.

the colts-chiefs game began at 4:30pm. i was rooting for indianapolis, but kansas city won in the end, though it victory seemed assured when they were already up by a few touchdowns in the first quarter alone.

after dinner my father pushed for me to take one of the cars home because it was too cold outside, but i was determined to ride home. i hardly felt the chill riding back, but i had to stop at one point to remove the cap underneath my bike helmet as it was so tight i was having a hard time breathing and couldn't even properly burp out my meal.

i returned home by 7:45pm. from the lights through the blinds i knew my roommates were already home. coming into the house i immediately smelled fish. i found them in the living room with a big pot of seafood stew. sandy asked if i wanted any, i was just delirious from the stench of shrimps and crabs permeating the inside of my house. i took the higher road and didn't complain too much, although i did tell them i hated the smell of seafood. i kept an eye on them as they finished the whole pot of food. we threw out the trash immediately afterwards so it wouldn't stink up the house.

sandy told me they walked to mass avenue from kenmore square, hoping to catch the no.1 bus back to cambridge. but the bus had just left when they arrived at the stop, so instead they decided to walk home across the mass ave bridge, getting a nice view of boston right after sunset. i don't know if they had time to visit MIT, but they made it as far as hmart, before taking the subway two stops back home.

we spent the rest of the evening watching the cowboys-rams game. just like the colts-chiefs matchup, the team with the better record and the bye (los angeles) got the big lead and the other team (dallas) couldn't come back from the deficit. not sure how i feel about the chargers-patriots matchup tomorrow. new england has the better standing (2nd vs 5th) but the chargers have the better record (13-4 vs 11-5). i will be fine with whatever happens on sunday. patriots are the weakest they've been in the past few years, but you can't rule out experience. if new england goes the distance, it won't be because of their talent but rather their veteran leadership.

1 my flannel-lined pants was enough to keep my warm without having to wear additional thermal underwear. i did put on a pair of longer wool socks to cover my calves. i also had a fleece neck warmer with a cycling cap that would keep everything above my shoulders warm.