i woke up after 10am, rather late, but i noticed kelvin was sleeping in late as well. after a quick shower, i settled into the living room as typical of my morning routine. only then did kelvin finally wake up. sandy had already left for work, i didn't hear her, but the draft curtain told me she had left the house.

i heard kelvin heating water in the electric kettle and i asked him if he was interested in a prosciutto egg english muffin sandwich, which he said yes. i was then able to ask him some more questions while i prepared breakfast. i found out he's actually a pharmacist, and could take a month long vacation because 4 weeks is typical for an english holiday. as i'd guessed, his family's from hong kong, but he was born in the UK. he grew up in england but moved back to hong kong with his parents during his teenage years, going to high school there. his parents had a restaurant in england but went back to hong kong to retire. kelvin has 2 younger siblings, a brother and a sister, both in the UK, his brother about to graduate university soon. sandy and kelvin have traveled together to various places in europe (rome, venice) and they also went to china together to visit sandy's parents in guangzhou before spending 10 days in beijing.

in the early afternoon i took kelvin to union square. originally i thought we could ride the bikes, but he told me the only times he's riden a bike is in the park, and never in the streets before. i decided not to risk it, given his inexperience coupled with the fact that he's using to driving on the other side of the road. we walked instead, passing by two dunkin' donuts, visiting dollar tree, rite aid, bow market (my first time), the korean market, prospect hill, hub comics (another first), and finally market basket. we returned home by 3pm.

i went to the cafe to pick up the pretzels my sister had gotten me. along the way i saw sandy walking home and i shouted her name to get her attention before riding away. at the cafe i helped my mother refill the sichuan paocai jar. i also removed my motorcycle battery and put the cover on. a few items from amazon arrived today, including the pitch fork handle, the spark plug gap disc, and the 128GB PNY thumb drive. i took the thumb drive and returned home along with the pretzels and half a vietnamese sandwich from my 2nd aunt.

when i returned home a bit after 4pm, i found sandy and kelvin on the couch watching a streaming soccer match between manchester city and liverpool on sandy's 11.6" macbook air. i went onto /r/soccerstreams and found a video source i could stream onto the HDTV for the final 30 minutes of the match. man city ended up winning the game, breaking liverpool's unbeaten streak.

sandy and kelvin finally went out to dinner after deciding between porter square or harvard square. they ended up going to neither location and just ate at the thai-vietnamese place around the corner. while they were gone i ate the vietnamese sandwich for dinner topped off with a soft pretzel.