i tried to wake up as late as possible, since this was my last morning before my roommates return from new york city. granted, i also went to bed pretty late last night, around 4am. i called OCB cambridge to ask them if they accepted my health insurance (yes) and who to ask for the referral (my primary care doctor). i then requested a referral online through the MGH patient gateway, it was so easy i could've done it weeks ago for my annual eye exam appointment next week. steve and paul were both being incredibly noisy, busy cleaning up their place for the rohmers who will be arriving on friday. steve slipped the water bill into my mail slot, he seemed to have forgotten the bill for the summer, i'm not one to remind him. for lunch i ate one of the pastries my sister got me yesterday.

in the afternoon i rode the bike to the cafe so my father and i can clean out the tool shed in my sister's backyard so there'd be enough room for me to put my motorcycle. i thought there was more furniture in there, but a lot of it had already been thrown out months ago. we ended up just moving a table (more like a kitchen island) to the cafe basement, as well as the pressure washer and a trio of wire mesh grocery carts. i suggested that we should go back to belmont so i could get my motorcycle from the garage and put the bike away today since it was a good day (not raining, not too cold).

so we did that, and i got a chance to ride the motorcycle one last time in january. it took some finagling to get the motorcycle into the shed at the proper alignment so we could elevate it on the wheeled jack and push it against the far wall. i left the engine running with the fuel petcock turned off to burn up any leftover gasoline in the carburetor. it took over 5 minutes, the shed filling up with poisonous carbon monoxide exhaust, but finally the engine petered out. i'll need to come back one more time to remove the battery for charging and put the cover over the bike.

i returned home by 3:45pm, leaving with a carton of leftover fried rice for dinner and some shaobing my godmother had made. the front wheel lights on my fuji bike wouldn't turn on last night, so i took a look to see what the problem was. i was afraid there might be a short circuit in the wire, but the issue was the battery pack wasn't pushed far enough into the control assembly. i fixed it by adding a thick hard foam insert underneath the battery cap. i wheeled out the trash before finally coming into the house.

solar production was at 27.01 kWh today. this time of year, any day when we can go 20kWh+ is a good day. with daylight progressively getting longer, it'll be a matter of weeks before we start breaking 30kWh+ again.

sandy texted me around 5:45pm, said they would be coming back to boston tonight (as scheduled) and would get back around midnight. i find her to be pretty considerate, compared to some past roommates. she even texted me some happy new year message yesterday.

i had dinner after 8pm, reheated the fried rice in a pan on the stove. i added some sliced prosciutto and some hot chinese bean sauce (i was going to added some chongqing hot paste but when i opened the jar it had mold on top so i tossed it).