i had a strange dream last night. i met this chinese girl (whom i've never seen before) who was going to take me somewhere. while we were chatting, she was saying flattering things like how skinny i looked. the next day we take the bus to our destination. she brings her younger brother along. suddenly at one point they disappear, and i think maybe they got off the bus, so i hurried to get off as well. but when i'm outside i don't see them and the bus leaves without me. i'm at some market town, and i decide to look around, hoping to find my guide. they're selling all sorts of handicrafts and minerals, and the place feels familiar. i begin to get worried because i don't have a working phone so i can't call my guide. i also don't remember the name of my hotel or where it is. i see another person who looks like he might be a tourist (from his backpack) and we get together to look on a map to figure out where we are. suddenly i remember that even though i can't make calls, if i can find some wifi i can contact my guide via wechat. i also found the name of my hotel (the internationale) through some phone photos.

the outdoor temperature - 62°F - was already close to the indoor temperature this morning. not only that but there was a tropical humidness outside that didn't quite feel like the first day of winter. it was so warm i opened a few windows to let in some fresh air. if only it didn't rain the entire day! it was also very cloudy at certain times of the day, enough so that the dusk to dawn light bulb turned on thinking it was already evening.

i walked down to the cafe in afternoon. originally i was going to wear my jacket, but left it all behind as it was simply too warm. i was even tempted to just go out in a t-shirt. i went there to grab the soft pretzel my sister got my yesterday and to set up another wyze cam at her place, this time facing the side of the house.

i stopped by the corner rite aid on my way home to get some pistachios (sweet chili flavor) and peppermint altoids.

i started watching aterrados (2017) last night, AKA terrified, a highly praised argentinian horror. i finished it today while munching on my pretzel. the movie is definitely scary, not a film to watch alone in the house.

both the indoor and outdoor temperature were the same by late afternoon - 65°F. boston reached a new record high temperature for this day. because of the pretzel (and the pistachios and the russet potato chips), i was very hungry, and didn't eat until after 9pm, when i cooked up some instant rice noodles with a pair of pig's feet my mother gave me.