now with both my upstairs neighbors retired and always at home, my daytimes are no bueno. with steve heavy stepping and running the food processor upstairs and paul downstairs noisily rummaging in the basement, i'm bombarded by sound from all sides. home feels less at home than ever before.

the rain look a good long time to stop. even though the showers had ceased by the time i woke up, it was still very wet and dark outside. only by the afternoon when the sun began to peek out did it feel normal again.

the gap sherpa hoodie arrived this morning. it replaced my old navy sherpa hoodie which has gotten so old it's faded in color and the sleeves are all tattered. it's what i wear when i want people to think i could be homeless. but now i have a new replacement hoodie, which i will wear in combination with my fleece-lined down vest, which has been my go-to winter outerwear (i do i have a columbia puffy jacket that i wear when the temperature is really cold). the new hoodie fits well, but it's sherpa-lined in the arms (my old one wasn't) which gives it a bulky appearance, makes me look very muscular when in fact it's the opposite. at least my arms will be kept warm.

the samsung 128GB microSD card ($20) arrived on saturday but i only now put it in my camera. a card that size, it'd be impossible for me to run out of memory in a single day of shooting. it'd probably take several days to fill up even if i was taking tons of photos a day. it's certainly overkill, like 8K UHDTV or 1 Gbps fast internet (just a way for them to get you to spend more money buying the fastest and biggest). it came formatted as exFAT, and even after i reformatted it in the camera it remained exFAT. my canon 60D had no problems reading or writing to the card, and in preliminary test it seemed to download onto my laptop pretty fast.

i went to star market in the afternoon to deposit more than 5 dozen cans. i planned on getting some salad but the salad aisle was nearly empty due to the romaine lettuce recall. i ended up getting two bag of pita chips. i wore my new sherpa hoodie, which was so soft and fluffy it felt like i was wearing a bathrobe.

two slices of pizza for lunch (with egg nog), two slices of pizza for dinner (with chocolate milk).