i read that the correct amount of coffee to use to brew is 20g. but that was with 380g of water; my moka pot can only hold 145g of water. but i was curious how much coffee the moka funnel could actually hold. i discovered it can take 17g of ground coffee, probably closer to 20g if i use a finer ground. with the moka pot, the portion is more concentrated, making less than a cup but using enough ground coffee to make 2 cups.

i was expecting it to stop raining by the afternoon and maybe even go out and run some errands, but it rain pretty much for most of the day. i even had to go outside at one point with a shovel and clear the blockage of wet leaves covering the sewer grate. i will run my errands tomorrow, enough things to do that i actually had to make a list. i saw on the webcam that my sister actually closed the cafe today even though i told her to open it. i decided to leave it alone as i saw her making some decorations.

i don't get a lot of sun but for some reason conditions are ideal that every year in late november to december i get an explosion of christmas cactus flowers. this year especially, because i actually left the plant outside on the backyard deck during the summer where it seemed to thrive in the fresh air, natural rain water, and dappled sunlight. plus i replanted it with new soil. i noticed my pachira money tree plant had some aphids; i moved it to the bathtub and washed them off of the leaves.

i wasn't particularly hungry when evening came around. of course maybe all the snacking i did (pita bread with tzatziki, malt vinegar potato chips, sour patch kids, clementine oranges, plum) might've something to do with it. not in the mood for sandwiches, i ended up just heating some canned soup and added some frozen kale to make it healthier.