after a cup of hazelnut cream coffee i drove to belmont around 10:40am to do some yard work. i mowed the leaves on the front yard before moving to the back.

surprisingly, there were still plenty of late season golden raspberries. the next round of yard work would be to prune all the canes and cut down the perennials like irises and lilies. i need to get a pair of hedge shears.

i read you can plant the smaller garlic cloves in tight rows for some spring onions. all the raised beds are occupied except for RB4. RB4 is not the ideal candidate because during the winter and spring it gets the least amount of sunlight, but it's the only available bed i can use to make a new garlic patch. but before i could do that i needed to repair the wooden box as it was falling apart. my original idea was to put new corner posts and nail the planks to that, but that was before i realized there were already long screws in the corners and they couldn't be removed because i didn't have the right star bit (T-20). so i ended up just nailing the planks to each other, before some of them started crumbling. now i'm hoping to find the right bit so i can remove the old screws and put in new ones.

i left for the cafe by 12:40pm. my sister asked me to come by and rake the leaves in the parking lot. when i got there my 2nd aunt and my sister's godmother were there helping my sister clean the cafe. they'd stripped the old caulk from the countertop and my sister was going to caulk it herself with a small tube of caulk. since she never caulked before, i ended up taking over the caulking project. she also wanted to put marble-patterned liner paper on the countertop, but i said it looked cheap and was hard to apply without looking terrible.

i took a 30 minute roundtrip to home depot to get 3 tubes of caulk before coming back to the cafe to work. my sister had disappeared by that point, angry over my criticism of her liner paper idea, angry that i wouldn't allow her to continue closing the store for renovation work that seemed like it'd never get done. it didn't take me long to caulk the countertop, about half an hour. i only ended up using half a tube, i'll return the rest tomorrow. i didn't think i did a very good caulking job, but the gap was wide which make it hard to work. i left by 3:30pm, my sister and her team of helpers still cleaning up.

back at home, i did some more raking of both the front and back yard. i raked 3 days ago but in that time everything was covered in leaves again. today's a good day to rake since it's supposed to rain overnight and into tomorrow afternoon. i also brought back the empty gasoline canister, i'll fill it up the next time i go to belmont. i left it outside as it smelled of gasoline.

having not eaten the whole day, i finally had a greek yogurt and a plum. later in the evening i made another italian sub for dinner.